The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,606 - Feb 23 2021

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Clues Answers
Attractive person losing last hair, upset DISTRESS
Beginning to gossip with a slur -- our drunk's talkative GARRULOUS
Check pins and notice bends INSPECTION
Control by foreign military craft OCCUPATION
Criticise current Conservative anxiety PANIC
Despair as novel about Portugal vanishes DISAPPEARS
Doctor slips hurrying out of hospital unexpectedly SURPRISINGLY
Exemption from keeping me held regularly FREEDOM
Faction to follow in cricket? INSECT
Fake restriction needing no introduction IMITATION
Flower caught on bird FALCON
Forming response, Charlie moves to the front CREATION
Got inside military shelter with English knight left behind FORGOTTEN
Half-baked crackers son leaves INANE
However choppy neither vessel leaves island NEVERTHELESS
Clues Answers
I'm right to remove leaders to get power MIGHT
Jetty parking that is next to river PIER
Partly open a container AJAR
Pretty loud tune FAIR
Rake to stir up small leaves ROUE
Send on rugby player? FORWARD
Silver ring an American scratched -- is Edward worried? AGONISED
Some from Brazil are negative about army officer GENERAL
Something vital from German city -- it's picked up by almost everyone ESSENTIAL
Struggle to learn ahead of examination CONTEST
Taking off after key found on computer? It's what prisoner might be doing ESCAPING
Tea leaf, in the main PIRATE
Tempt European with time in French city ENTICE
Thought about fine lesson read in church REFLECTION
Woodwind instruments not following stringed instruments LUTES