Universal - Feb 23 2021

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Clues Answers
"... man ___ mouse?" ORA
"Catch ya later," in London TATA
"Sad to say ..." ALAS
"Will & Grace" Emmy winner Mullally MEGAN
"You ___ lyin'!" AINT
"___ it snappy!" MAKE
Additionally ALSO
Alphabetically first of the five W's WHAT
Automatic response to a call? ECHO
Baron's title LORD
Big name in pineapple DOLE
Button on an electronic contract AGREE
Children hunt for them annually EGGS
CIA's predecessor OSS
Comedy sketch SKIT
Commonly misused adverb, or how to read the clues to 17-, 36- and 42-Across LITERALLY
Condition with rituals, briefly OCD
Crafty SLY
Cut, as a well-taped box SLIT
Daisylike flowers ASTERS
Donate GIVE
Double checkers? KINGS
Drink at a sushi bar SAKE
Fair's opposite FOUL
Floppy-eared hound BASSET
Flower on a float ROSE
Glitzy rock style GLAM
Grape or tomato holder VINE
Greek leader? ALPHA
Gymnastics gold medalist Kerri STRUG
Hangs in there LASTS
Have the intention of AIMTO
International bakers' units GRAMS
Iranian leaders, once SHAHS
It may mean "Pet me!" MEOW
Clues Answers
Its final score may be 20-21 CLOSEGAME
Lamb's mother EWE
Last word of a prayer AMEN
Like the best-case scenario IDEAL
Like the screws in eyeglasses TEENY
Love to pieces ADORE
Marine bird TERN
Minute ___ (juice brand) MAID
Monster BEAST
Multiseason show's storyline, perhaps SAGA
Off in the distance AFAR
Opera princess who loves Radames AIDA
Parts of a fire safety system SPRINKLERS
Payment promises IOUS
Pet that may be "golden" RETRIEVER
Pioneering DVR TIVO
Political assistant AIDE
Pros at saving lives EMTS
Protests during the national anthem TAKESAKNEE
Rhinoceros part HORN
Rock icon Jett JOAN
Scary giant OGRE
Sci-fi princess who loves Han LEIA
Seabees' org USN
Seesaw on a decision WAVER
Slightly cracked AJAR
Spy org. that split up in 1991 KGB
Stretch of history ERA
Swamp menace, informally CROC
Swamp menace, informally GATOR
Swear to AVOW
The night before EVE
The second word of this clue, e.g.: Abbr ADJ
Three-ft. measures YDS
Tour leader GUIDE
Ungraceful landing sound THUD
Wedding site ALTAR
___ Vegas Aces LAS
___-Wan Kenobi OBI