- Feb 23 2021

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Clues Answers
''Ain't so!'' reply ISTOO
''Look, I did it!'' TADA
''My lips __ sealed'' ARE
''That's amazing!'' WOW
''That's the truth!'' HONEST
''This doesn't look good'' UHOH
Attorney's field LAW
Awkward, as a situation STICKY
Becomes dim FADES
Bit of plumbing PIPE
Body art, for short TAT
Calendar sheet PAGE
Campus mil. org ROTC
Central idea THEME
Cook in the oven BAKE
Corrosive chemical ACID
CPR expert EMT
Crunchy sandwich letters BLT
Disorderly crowd, in London SCRUM
Easy __ (simple) ASPIE
Eisenhower nickname IKE
Elite British boarding school ETON
Enjoys a novel READS
Entangle, as yarn RAVEL
Fascinate ENCHANT
Flat French hat BERET
Grand-scale tale EPIC
Groups of eight OCTETS
Gumbo veggie OKRA
Halves of a golf course NINES
Highway gunk ROADTAR
Horseback jaunt for a kid PONYRIDE
Hot dog for a rabbi KOSHERFRANK
Italy's capital, in Italy ROMA
Kind deed FAVOR
Know how something is changing KEEPTRACK
Lab maze runners RATS
Linen fiber FLAX
Little kid TYKE
Clues Answers
Luau greeting ALOHA
Male sheep RAM
Matured AGED
Messy pile HEAP
Molar or incisor TOOTH
Muscular strength BRAWN
Newspaper's think piece OPED
On the subject of ASTO
Orchestra conductor MAESTRO
Piece of fabric CLOTH
Place for dirty dishes KITCHENSINK
Possessed HAD
Pottery ovens KILNS
Praise highly EXALT
Renovation MAKEOVER
Ring decisions, briefly TKOS
Sacred HOLY
San Antonio site to ''remember'' ALAMO
Sergeant, for one: Abbr NCO
Sirloin or T-bone STEAK
Site of the Wright Brothers' flight KITTYHAWK
Something to whisper into EAR
Sound part of a broadcast AUDIO
Soundness of mind SANITY
Start of a valentine phrase ILOVE
Sunbeam RAY
Think casually about TOYWITH
Tiny bit IOTA
Titled British women DAMES
Took a photo of SHOT
Tour of duty STINT
Twisty letter ESS
Unacceptable NOTOK
Web-spinning crawlers SPIDERS
What planes fly through SKIES
Where Boston is: Abbr MASS
Wish undone RUE
Woolen footwear SOCKS
Yale students ELIS