The Sun - Two Speed - Feb 23 2021

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Clues Answers
Accessory being old remnant remade ORNAMENT
Atonement PENANCE
Big blow for English MP in quiz TEMPEST
Change text EDIT
Coppers to accept an imposed punishment PENANCE
Courage beer container? BOTTLE
Crew member SHIPMATE
Decayed punk Johnny ROTTEN
Easily conned NAIVE
Family in Tiber swimming TRIBE
Flawless Polish PERFECT
Flooded AWASH
Former Loire region ANJOU
Hoarder MAGPIE
Hospital worker certainly not disorganised ORDERLY
In Austria was Handel inundated? AWASH
Joint jumping below ELBOW
Jostle ELBOW
Lay to rest INTER
Less vocal waterfowl emu wants beaten MUTESWAN
Lie on bed perhaps being this? BONEIDLE
Magnate at last behind Oriental EASTERN
Main dish ENTREE
Clues Answers
Male concealing answer is in discomfort MALAISE
Mum has good food for chatterer MAGPIE
Neat and tidy ORDERLY
Not quite shut AJAR
Not western EASTERN
Old province featured in pagan journal ANJOU
Parents touring an isthmus? PANAMA
Partly open Indian prince in comeback AJAR
Playwright quietly leaving Bury INTER
Proposal some decide against IDEA
Punctuation dash HYPHEN
River bird MUTESWAN
Sailor Johnson wants his tea stirred round SHIPMATE
Satanic force happening now to return EVIL
Say wi-fi connection? HYPHEN
Stream flows west in version EDIT
Summer hat PANAMA
Thought IDEA
Uneasiness MALAISE
Unqualified one dropped European course ENTREE
Unsophisticated, strangely vain English NAIVE
Utterly lazy BONEIDLE
Vessel for liquids BOTTLE
Wicked EVIL