The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8522

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Clues Answers
Army chaplain PADRE
Arturo —, famous conductor TOSCANINI
As one unit en bloc
Building report SURVEY
Capital of Croatia ZAGREB
Covered with trees WOODY
Eg, irrigate WATER
Enquiring ASKING
Fixed allowance QUOTA
Form of fortune-telling ASTROLOGY
Former antimalarial drug QUININE
Frank —, singer SINATRA
Get better IMPROVE
Clues Answers
Large spider TARANTULA
Loose-fitting jacket BLOUSON
Lowest deck ORLOP
Male child SON
Managing RUNNING
Muhammad —, boxer ALI
Narrow leather strip THONG
Organised schemes SYSTEMS
Person bringing legal case PLAINTIFF
South American country ECUADOR
Struggle FIGHT
Tree with acorns OAK
Unwell ILL
Woollen bed cover BLANKET