Family Time - Feb 22 2021

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Clues Answers
"Author unknown" abbreviation ANON
"Do you have ___ other objections?" ANY
"If I do ___ myself" (2 words) SAYSO
"Later" fancied-up TATA
"Love ___ neighbor" THY
"Whether ___ nobler in the mind ..." ("Hamlet" line) TIS
"Who ___ wants ice cream?" ELSE
"___ be back in a minute" ILL
A Bantu language ZULU
Able to fit through narrow doorways SLIM
Agreement between two countries PACT
Alias letters AKA
Anyone from Pittsburgh pennsylvanian
Arrests NABS
Atlantic or Pacific OCEAN
Baby's sleepy break NAP
Be a snoop SPY
Bladed tool for moving a small boat OAR
Botched experiment in "The Fly" teleportation
Break off completely SEVER
Certain Central American, centuries ago AZTEC
ChapStick target LIP
Crab holders POTS
Deep sorrow WOE
Deepest part of one's stomach PIT
Endings for "shoo" or "stand" INS
Engine cover HOOD
Exercise units REPS
Feeling or sensation about something VIBE
Fitting for the situation APT
Genesis victim ABEL
Gradually got better, as cheese AGED
Clues Answers
Hawaii's Mauna ___ KEA
Human identifier DNA
Insect that builds ANT
It's clocked TIME
Japanese money units YENS
List of people to elect SLATE
Low number on a playing card TWO
Many, many, many secs HRS
Mass of people MOB
One of 768 in a gallon, briefly TBSP
One's double TWIN
Orthodontists work on them TEETH
Out of whack AMISS
Pepsi is one COLA
Primary MAIN
Productive, shady tree ELM
Puts on glasses SEES
Sirens do it WAIL
Smith's block ANVIL
Some buzz all around your face PESTS
Some salon jobs PERMS
Sound heard before a milking MOO
Spoken for TAKEN
They can rock out BANDS
Thick pieces of concrete SLABS
Titled NAMED
Volcano in Italy that might erupt ETNA
Weapon in a silo (2 words) GUIDEDMISSILE
Wind quintet instrument OBOE
Word after "past" or "postage" DUE
___ a silly question ASK