The Sun - Two Speed - Feb 22 2021

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Clues Answers
A rent cut possibly cut TRUNCATE
Affray BRAWL
Anger shown after female gets sack FIRE
Appealingly elegant man in yellow CHICKEN
Artist in decline: depression could bring this! RAINFALL
Auditorium THEATRE
Australian city ADELAIDE
Bishop later failed in training PRELATE
Blaze FIRE
Clamour NOISE
Concentrate FOCUS
Counterfeit gold imported from abroad FOREIGN
Cry involves Romeo in fight BRAWL
Disturb GI in a gallery AGITATE
Domestic fowl CHICKEN
Draw attention from cuts in European energy ECLIPSE
Easily influenced AMENABLE
Ecclesiastical council SYNOD
European country FRANCE
Examination ends with fine old shroud ENFOLD
Fable writer AESOP
Force officer commanding American target FOCUS
Former European currency ESCUDO
Funny person one with two females in city CARDIFF
Clues Answers
Girl returned to show strength ASSET
Hiding place LAIR
Incredibly nosy duke in meeting SYNOD
Keen knight in shaped metal LAMENT
King into poor canape wants crepe PANCAKE
Long-term prisoner LIFER
Look after student in den LAIR
Lose traction and slip SKID
Nice location could be near cleared-out cafe FRANCE
Old Queen singer receives help ADELAIDE
One is sloshed, making din NOISE
Overshadow ECLIPSE
Ready to accept spicy bean meal AMENABLE
Rifle shot convict LIFER
Selected as best piece in comparative literature ELITE
Senior clergyman PRELATE
Shrove Tuesday fare PANCAKE
Small child to slide on ice SKID
Storyteller sends up main work AESOP
Strong point ASSET
The old Portuguese capital? ESCUDO
Three-masted ship BARK
Time pressure on in dramatic setting THEATRE
Tree-hugger? BARK
Welsh capital CARDIFF
Wet precipitation RAINFALL
Wrap around ENFOLD