The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27907

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Clues Answers
Abhorrent ruling to imprison reversed before magistrates REPUGNANT
Artillery regiment with gun elevated in routine REGULAR
Bird's nest is one being very high SOUP
Bottomless river associated with Parana's source DEEP
Combine with two sailors in an investment producing capital Addis Ababa
Data coming back relating to an Ulster region INFO
Direction Strehler originally provided in Aston theatre adaptation? east-north-east
Economist with German husband supporting second president adam smith
Empire once so small and insubstantial to overturn ASSYRIA
Fox should cover conflict once in progress TOWARD
Goat denied grain comes to island CAPRI
He painted bishop with bad back gulping too much cold water BOTTICELLI
Hints from close friends INTIMATES
Home help sent up country INDIA
Clues Answers
Malicious trick takes in hospital for now MEANWHILE
Meat pie, served with coffee, sent back, looking anaemic pasty-faced
Mineral source almost disappeared from Pacific state ORE
One whose time is done in City, working with cross to bear ex-con
Royal seen among tree ferns ordered snack REFRESHMENT
Shilling taken from chest with another in economic cycle boom and bust
Shoot the breeze with blonde in attempt to manipulate GASLIGHT
Snooker break is met with difficulty in the end STYMIE
Some colliers are buried LIE
Start to accept fish in sea abroad seem diseased? MALINGER
Sudden blast son's taken in belly GUST
Trio snatching at Scots hooligan were menacing THREATENED
Very naughty boy outside a court, having arrived with large beast Bactrian camel
Weep over pint in church cellar CRYPT