New York Times - Feb 22 2021

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Clues Answers
'All righty then ...' OKNOW
'At ___, soldier!' EASE
'Jeez, lighten up, will ya!' GIMMEABREAK
'Look what I did!' TADA
Abbr. below '0' on a phone OPER
Abode in Aachen HAUS
Actress Rowlands GENA
Alternatively ELSE
Andean animal valued for its wool ALPACA
Animals in a yoke OXEN
As expected ONCUE
Author/journalist Quindlen ANNA
Bar from the bathroom? TOWELRACK
Bigheadedness EGO
Black-tie charity event, maybe GALA
Bombarded, as with questions PEPPERED
Caboose's location REAR
Enough AMPLE
Évian and Perrier EAUS
Extreme pain AGONY
Fare for aardvarks ANTS
Fat-removing surgery, for short LIPO
Faux fireplace items GASLOGS
Game suggested by the ends of 20-, 38- and 55-Across and 11- and 34-Down POOL
Get stuff ready to go PACKUP
Grammy winner ___ Nas X LIL
Great Lake with the smallest volume ERIE
Gun, as an engine REV
Had dinner at home ATEIN
Ham it up EMOTE
Hocus-___ POCUS
How extraterrestrials come, we hope INPEACE
Iditarod terminus NOME
In a while ANON
Insect you may swat away GNAT
It may say 'Forever' STAMP
Clues Answers
Italian city known for its salami GENOA
Key for Debussy's 'La fille aux cheveux de lin' GFLAT
Kind of soup often served at a sushi bar MISO
Letters on love letters SWAK
Like medical expenses you pay for yourself OUTOFPOCKET
Literary Emily or Charlotte BRONTE
Long (for) YEARN
Long-running CBS drama CSI
Lucy of TV's 'Elementary' LIU
Muse's instrument LYRE
Mythical woman after whom element 41 is named NIOBE
Ode or sonnet POEM
On/off device VALVE
Once more ANEW
One of thousands in a Rose Bowl float PETAL
Order to someone holding a deck of cards DEAL
Pieces of evidence in court EXHIBITS
Places for tiny U.S. flags LAPELS
Players in a play CAST
Prussia's ___ von Bismarck OTTO
Ram's mate EWE
Replacement for the lira and mark EURO
Score in hockey GOAL
Shrink in fear COWER
Sign of online shouting ALLCAPS
Speaker's platform DAIS
Sprinted RAN
State school SE of Columbus, in brief OHIOU
Suffering TORMENT
Tail-less cat MANX
The 'I' of I.M.F.: Abbr INTL
Think (over) MULL
Turkey drumstick, e.g LEG
U.S. intelligence org NSA
U.S.S.R. intelligence org KGB
Ukraine's capital, to Ukrainians KYIV
Welsh ___ (dog) CORGI
What a wheel connects to AXLE
What holds up an ear of corn STALK