The Telegraph - QUICK CROSSWORD NO: 643 - Feb 15 2021

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Clues Answers
Animal skins FURS
Army officer COLONEL
Becoming more successful (2,3,2,3,2) ONTHEUPANDUP
Beverage TEA
Bronzed TANNED
Chief executive officer TOPBANANA
City on the River Elbe DRESDEN
Disease of sheep and cattle ANTHRAX
Ethnic group TRIBE
Farmhouse, and outbuildings HOMESTEAD
Feeling dejected GLUM
Clues Answers
Fish (pout) BIB
Group of entertainers TROUPE
Innocent NAIVE
Insult SLUR
Migratory sandpiper DUNLIN
Particular aspect FACET
Paved area adjoining a house PATIO
Performed ACTED
Set free RELEASE
Slightly open AJAR
Sparkling Italian wine ASTISPUMANTE
Tolerant; abundant LIBERAL
Tree-lined road AVENUE