New York Times - Jun 25 1997

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Clues Answers
'Cheers' star DANSON
'Oh, very funny!' HOHO
'Penny Lane,' not 'Strawberry Fields Forever' ASIDE
'Two Mules for Sister ___' SARA
'Valley of the Dolls' co-star SHARONTATE
'___ giorno!' BUON
1964 Tony winner for 'Foxy' LAHR
After-school drink MALT
Alphabet book phrase ASIN
Alpine sounds ECHOES
Arthur Miller character LOMAN
Aves. STS
Bathing facility SPA
Blackens TARS
Brewer's need YEAST
Candidate of 1992 and '96 PEROT
Caviar ROE
Cockeyed INANE
Compact name ESTEE
Cravings YENS
Data unit BYTE
Diamond segment INNING
Emergency vehicle RAFT
Emily of 'Our Town' WEBB
Emphatic affirmative YESSIR
Fender bender DENT
Flashed one's pearly whites SMILED
Floor models DEMOS
Frank Fontaine TV character CRAZYGUGGENHEIM
Full-bodied ale STOUT
George's talk show co-host ALANA
Gin inventor ELIWHITNEY
Gobs and gobs ZILLIONS
Government worry DEBT
Hardly Mr. Cool DWEEB
Info-filled NEWSY
Itty-bitty TEENSY
Clues Answers
Kind of toad TREE
Life, in the early days EMBRYO
Like many a winter road SLUSHY
Like white wine at a restaurant ICED
Line of type SERIF
Lymphatic part NODE
Man of the House? NEWT
Member of a colony ANT
Mideast carrier ELAL
Miss Cinders of old comics ELLA
Neighbor of Java BALI
Not masculine WOMANISH
Oil of ___ OLAY
On the team? YOKED
Once-popular feather source EGRET
One below a second lieut. NCO
Play the lead STAR
Popular Internet company YAHOO
Presidential run TERM
Property securities LIENS
Pursues STALKS
Put on a border EDGED
Reply to 'Can this be true?' ITIS
Sir Peter ___, painter of British royalty LELY
Split-off groups SECTS
Stirs in ingredients ADDS
Sweet dessert FLAN
Taken away by force, old-style REFT
Theme song of Vincent Lopez NOLA
Thomas Mann's '___ Kröger' TONIO
Trig. function COSEC
Unagi, at a sushi bar EEL
Victrola part STYLUS
Violist's clef ALTO
Yesteryear YORE