New York Times - Feb 10 1997

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Clues Answers
'Now ___ seen everything!' IVE
'What's ___ for me?' INIT
'Woe is me!' ALAS
'___ Believer' (Monkees hit) IMA
'___ Miserables' LES
60's protest leader Hoffman ABBIE
A bit blotto TIPSY
Affirm AVOW
Affirmatives YESES
Artificial CONTRIVED
At any time EVER
Atlanta arena, with 'the' OMNI
Author Fleming and others IANS
Aye's opposite NAY
Candy that comes in a dispenser PEZ
City in Arizona YUMA
Couples PAIRS
Deli loaves RYES
Destroy RUIN
Do magazine work EDIT
Don Ho standard TINYBUBBLES
Endure LAST
Envision SEE
Extinct bird not known for its intelligence DODO
Fire starter SPARK
First name in scat ELLA
Flunk FAIL
Footfall STEP
Four-door SEDAN
Fragrance AROMA
Give a makeover REDO
Hand lotion ingredient ALOE
Harder to find RARER
Irritable and impatient TESTY
It has a keystone ARCH
It's a piece of cake SLICE
Kett of the comics ETTA
Louisa May Alcott classic LITTLEWOMEN
Clues Answers
Macho dude HEMAN
Major Chinese seaport SHANGHAI
Memorable time ERA
Murder mystery WHODUNIT
Nightgown wearer of children's rhyme WEEWILLIEWINKIE
Not able to hear DEAF
Not fiction FACT
Participants in a debate ARGUERS
People asked to parties INVITEES
Place for a statue or a hero PEDESTAL
Prefix with legal or chute PARA
Register, as a student ENROL
Religious splinter group SECT
See 27-Across ALAI
Shark tale JAWS
Sheltered from the wind ALEE
Skating surface ICE
Sky-blue AZURE
Slippery EELY
Sounds of satisfaction AHS
Sprite PIXIE
Storage containers BINS
Store, as a ship's cargo STOW
Strike zone's lower boundary KNEES
Taking advantage of USING
The line y = 0, in math XAXIS
Thomas ___ Edison ALVA
Tickle the funny bone AMUSE
Trevi Fountain coin LIRA
Walkway AISLE
Watch for AWAIT
World Wide ___ WEB
World's fastest sport, with 2-Down JAI
Woven cloth or fabric TEXTILE
Writer Zola EMILE
Yale grad ELI
___ high standard SETA
___ one's time BIDE