Universal - Feb 21 2021

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Clues Answers
"Fine by me" SURE
"Fine" or "liberal" follower ARTS
"I do," at a wedding VOW
"Pretty please?" MAYI
"Promiscuous" singer Furtado NELLY
"That's enough," in Spanish NOMAS
"The Fifer" painter Edouard MANET
"___ of the d'Urbervilles" TESS
Animal that's a plant backward DEER
Aqualung filler AIR
Archie Bunker's wife EDITH
Artist O'Keeffe, when on a flatland? SAVANNAGEORGIA
Assigns a role to CASTS
Auditioner's CD DEMO
Banded gemstone or marble AGATE
Baptism and bris, for two RITES
Bear with a soft bed MAMA
Bring joy to ELATE
Brit's "Bye-bye!" TATA
Bugged incessantly ATEAT
Burton of "Roots" LEVAR
Butter serving PAT
City transport CAB
CNN introduction? CABLE
Con artist's ploy SCAM
Conform to another's wishes COMPLY
Cook up DEVISE
Covered, as a horse's hooves SHOD
Device used for demolition DETONATOR
Direction many birds fly for the winter SOUTH
Disney clown fish NEMO
Do the bidding of OBEY
Double-crosser RAT
Drink from a flask SIP
Dull way to learn ROTE
Egg on GOAD
Eggy brunch entree OMELET
Flatland that's behind you? STEPPETOTHEREAR
Flip one's wig SNAP
Clues Answers
Former 76er Brand ELTON
Garb for Caesar TOGA
Got up AROSE
Grand ___ Opry OLE
Have top billing STAR
In the loop AWARE
Interrupt at a dance CUTIN
Knight's title SIR
Late for school TARDY
Like a wallflower SHY
Like fresh paint WET
Lively spirit ELAN
Open just a bit AJAR
Out of whack AWRY
Part of a flying flatland? PLAINPROPELLER
Pirate's haul BOOTY
Prefix meaning "different" HETERO
Rainbow shape ARC
See eye to eye AGREE
Shape of the Oscar Mayer car's upper part WIENER
Simple boat RAFT
Skin cream ingredient ALOE
Smiley face in a text, e.g EMOJI
Songwriters' org BMI
Special Forces cap BERET
Steps aside MOVESOVER
Stereotypical Comic-Con attendee NERD
Take a stab at TRY
Tennis match unit SET
Textile colorants DYES
They slip into slip-ons FEET
Transit map points STOPS
TV-silencing button MUTE
Ungentlemanly sorts CADS
Venomous snakes of Egypt ASPS
What you hear on TV? AUDIO
Wilson of "Starsky & Hutch" OWEN
Zero chance NOHOPE
Zion National Park's state UTAH