- Feb 21 2021

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Clues Answers
''Bad'' starter MAL
''Frijoles refritos'' beans PINTOS
''Hombre'' pal AMIGO
''Horrors!'' OHNO
''How hilarious!'' HAHA
''I'm over here!'' PSST
''South Park'' kid ERIC
''That's my cue!'' IMON
''Whatever!'' YEAHOK
''__ in Boots'' PUSS
''¿Cómo __ usted?'' ESTA
Animal life FAUNA
Appraised RATED
Astronaut outfit GSUIT
Bag-checking org TSA
Beams broadly GRINS
Bearded beast GNU
Bears from Asia PANDAS
Bills of birds BEAKS
Bit of a blossom PETAL
Black-and-white mammals ORCAS
Blossom protector SEPAL
Brewer's oven OAST
Camera protector LENSCAP
Cast header STAR
Certain salute starter ATOAST
Chaucer narrative TALE
City near Salt Lake OGDEN
Cruise ship amenity SPA
Disencumber RID
Disorganized pile HEAP
Do a big lawn chore RESOD
Do some stitching SEW
Do, as some stitching HEM
Eisenhower Era pope PIUS
Elongated swimmer EEL
Ended a descent ALIT
Environmental sci ECOL
Extreme fan NUT
Faint-hearted AFRAID
Female foxes VIXENS
First Soviet leader LENIN
First-class PRIMO
Fit for a queen REGAL
Flatbread of India NAAN
Flip over UPEND
Full-spectrum ATOZ
Fun and games, for short REC
Fusses by a mirror PREENS
Garlicky garnish AIOLI
Gillian who wrote ''Gone Girl'' FLYNN
Grafton of whodunits SUE
Grid group NFL
Herbal sauce PESTO
Hidden from view VEILED
Hindmost REAR
Hinged fastener HASP
Homegrown LOCAL
Hoop group NBA
Hosted a show EMCEED
Hot, hot, hot TORRID
In reserve ONICE
Informal type of tuber TATER
Isle near Venezuela ARUBA
It might hold gold ORE
Ivy League member YALE
John who once toured with Joel ELTON
Justice Sotomayor SONIA
KitchenAid competitor TFAL
Knucklehead DOOFUS
Layered cookie OREO
Least energetic LAZIEST
Light cooking oil CANOLA
Clues Answers
Long (for) YEARN
Luau handouts LEIS
Meryl's mom in the ''Mamma Mia!'' sequel CHER
Mixed together BLENDED
News story starter LEDE
Not boastful MODEST
Not just in your head REAL
Not so much LESS
Objects of interest ITEMS
Of canines and incisors DENTAL
One of Homer's kids LISA
Only African/Asian nation EGYPT
Out of practice STALE
p, as in Piccadilly PENCE
Pal of long standing OLDCHUM
Part of YSL YVES
Passover ritual feast SEDER
Pay for FUND
PC combo key CTRL
Poetic lowland VALE
Prepare, as pasta BOIL
Priest of British legend DRUID
Procure GET
Prophet ORACLE
Provides for a while LENDS
Put forth, as a theory POSIT
Remove completely ERASE
Remove, as wallpaper STRIP
Resistance measures OHMS
Rich in vegetation LUSH
Russian pancakes BLINI
Sabre relative EPEE
Sailed through ACED
Salk's conquest POLIO
Sauna handout TOWEL
Send out EMIT
Shade close to bronze TAN
Sherlock's sister in teen novels ENOLA
Sorority letter OMEGA
Sounded astonished OOHED
Spidery structure WEB
Sported HADON
State Appetizer: calamari RHODEISLAND
State Cookie: biscochito NEWMEXICO
State Cuisine: gumbo LOUISIANA
State Dog: Great Dane PENNSYLVANIA
State Domesticated Animal: dairy cow WISCONSIN
State Fabric: denim CALIFORNIA
State Gem: petrified wood WASHINGTON
State Hero: Nathan Hale CONNECTICUT
State Sport: skiing NEWHAMPSHIRE
Strong cravings YENS
Summer cottages, e.g RENTALS
Supplemental insurance for seniors MEDIGAP
Tech support callers USERS
Terre Haute sch ISU
Three-Oscar Day-Lewis DANIEL
Titleholder CHAMP
To date ASYET
Top-flight invitees ALIST
Tuscan tourist center PISA
TV host Mandel HOWIE
Type of bow CURTSY
Violin holder CHIN
Walk confidently STRIDE
Wee hour ONEAM
When you turn in BEDTIME
Winning streak HOTHAND
Winter Olympics vehicle LUGE
Zealous AVID
__ down (eased) TONED
__ Lanka SRI
__-la-la TRA