The Telegraph - GK CROSSWORD NO: 1,471 - Feb 7 2021

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Clues Answers
-- Redgrave, eldest daughter of Sir Michael Redgrave VANESSA
Breed of Siberian dog SAMOYED
Child's outfit leaving most of the body exposed SUNSUIT
Dame -- Marsh, 1899-1982, crime writer NGAIO
Deferred to another time DELAYED
Founder of hotel and restaurant guides EGONRONAY
Franz --, 1811-86, Hungarian composer LISZT
Group of islands forming a republic in Pacific Ocean VANUATU
Hades river over which souls of the dead were ferried by Charon ACHERON
Having a slim-waisted figure HOURGLASS
Henrik --, 1828-1906, Norwegian dramatist IBSEN
Jamaica pepper PIMENTO
Journey made by Chinese Communists in 1934-35 when forced out of their base in Kiangsi LONGMARCH
Leguminous tree or shrub of North America with nutritious pods MESQUIT
Livorno is the Italian name of this city LEGHORN
Clues Answers
Mass of unwrought metal INGOT
Mountain in Cumbria north of Keswick SKIDDAW
Of a regulated food allowance DIETARY
Old-fashioned word for a motor-vehicle AUTOCAR
One who's inwardly evil, outwardly professing to be virtuous WHITEDSEPULCHRE
Piece of ground used for the cultivation of fruit trees ORCHARD
Record of hours worked TIMESHEET
Sir Robert --, 1676-1745, 1st Earl of Orford WALPOLE
Station on the West Coast Main Line WATFORDJUNCTION
Straight muscles RECTI
Suitable for motion pictures CINEMATIC
Took part in a race ENTERED
Type of volcano not liable to erupt EXTINCT
Village in Northumberland, scene of battle in 1388 OTTERBURN
Yellowish-black striped Asiatic animal TIGER