New York Times - Feb 21 2021

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Clues Answers
'Do you understand me?' AMICLEAR
'Hoo-boy!' MAN
'I beg of you,' e.g PLEA
'I mean ...' ERM
'No more for me, thank you' IMALLSET
'Of course!' YES
'Same here' ASAMI
'That feels goo-oo-ood!' AAH
'Thus ...' ANDSO
'Top Chef' chef ___ Hall CARLA
'We got permission!' ITSAGO
'You, too?!' ETTU
'___ making a list ...' HES
2006 film with the tagline 'Keep it wheel' CARS
2016 #1 album for Rihanna ANTI
A leg up HELP
Actor Ray of 'Field of Dreams' LIOTTA
Actress Chaplin OONA
Actress de Armas ANA
Alumni grouping YEAR
And so on and so forth ETCETC
Anointment UNCTION
Bamboozled HAD
Beefcakes STUDS
Big bleu expanse MER
Big Five studio of Hollywood's Golden Age RKO
Bird whose males incubate the eggs EMU
Bit of Morse code DIT
Biting ACID
Black INKY
Box score column HITS
Broad valley LOWLAND
Candy bars? [Def Leppard] POURSOMESUGARONME
Center of a court THRONE
Comeback ECHO
D.C. pro NAT
Did a little lifting PILFERED
Director Lee ANG
Disappointing court result AIRBALL
Element 39 YTTRIUM
Excited cry after scratching a lottery ticket IWON
First House speaker from California PELOSI
First prize at the Juegos Olímpicos ORO
Flag carrier to Karachi and Islamabad PIA
Food pantry donation CAN
For the lady HERS
Gaping holes MAWS
Geographical name that comes from the Sioux for 'sleepy ones' IOWA
Got around EVADED
Got hot on Twitter, say TRENDED
Gymnastics apparatus HORSE
Häagen-Dazs competitor EDYS
Habitat for Humanity is one, for short NGO
Healthy dessert options FRUITCUPS
High winds FLUTES
Hindu festival of colors HOLI
Horror film locale, in brief ELMST
Hot place to chill SPA
Insect named for the way it moves, not for its length INCHWORM
It's a long story SAGA
It's a relief! CAMEO
It's turned, in a phrase THETIDE
Japanese mat TATAMI
Clues Answers
Large expanses TRACTS
Last option in a list, maybe OTHER
Lets go of UNHANDS
Like a certain complex OEDIPAL
Like some bread and cereal OATEN
Low-wattage DIM
Made square EVENED
Makes insulting jokes about ROASTS
Mapo ___ (spicy Sichuan dish) TOFU
Market index, for short THEDOW
Mathematical proposition LEMMA
Minute TINY
Misidentify something, e.g ERR
Most-watched TV show of 2002-05 CSI
Move a cursor (over) MOUSE
Muddy ROIL
Native American tribe of Montana CROW
Not going anywhere INARUT
Noted 1815 comedy of manners EMMA
Offering in china ... or from China TEA
Options for outdoor wedding receptions TENTS
Oral equivalent of a facepalm OYVEY
Overhauled, in a way REWROTE
Papal name last taken in 1939 PIUS
Perspective, in brief POV
Poetic shortening THO
Practice PLY
Prayer, e.g APPEAL
Prefix with conscious ECO
Pride : lions :: ___ : dolphins POD
Prison bars? [Elvis Presley] JAILHOUSEROCK
Really thin type TWIG
Relative of the mambo CHACHA
Relevant ONTOPIC
Ridiculous INANE
Scruffs NAPES
Seventh avatar of Vishnu RAMA
Single LONE
Singles bars? [Robyn] DANCINGONMYOWN
Sink holes DRAINS
Sister restaurant of Applebee's IHOP
Sitcom extraterrestrial ALF
Smallest state in India GOA
Solving crosswords, e.g PASTIME
Something that's well-kept? WATER
Space bars? [Frank Sinatra] FLYMETOTHEMOON
St. Louis symbol ARCH
Stood the test of time LASTED
Strongly endorse SWEARBY
Stylish DAPPER
They're checked at check-ins IDS
They're often parked in parks RVS
Things many people lose as they grow older IDEALS
Thumbs-up AOK
Traditional Chinese drink OOLONG
Was snoopy NOSEDIN
Weight right here! SCALE
Weizenbock or Berliner Weisse ALE
Wet bars? [Gene Kelly] SINGININTHERAIN
What goes right to the bottom? TALC
Where trills provide thrills OPERA
Wiped out ATEIT
World capital that's home to Kotoka International Airport ACCRA
World capital that's home to Noi Bai International Airport HANOI
___ Adlon, Emmy winner for 'King of the Hill' PAMELA
___ Austin, Biden defense secretary LLOYD
___ Domini ANNO
___ Psaki, Biden press secretary JEN