Universal - Feb 20 2021

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Clues Answers
"Ali ___ and the Forty Thieves" BABA
"Er, don't think so" UMNO
"Frozen" queen ELSA
"Get it now?" SEE
"Mamma Mia" band ABBA
Acted over-the-top? EMOTED
Add up SUM
Adjective in Lincoln's nickname HONEST
Alpine songs YODELS
Asian Risk territory that borders Europe URAL
Author Rand AYN
Become a member JOIN
Big health insurer AETNA
Bit of prevention, in a proverb OUNCE
Canon model EOS
Car rental choice ALAMO
City SE of Baton Rouge NOLA
Contact solution brand RENU
Cookie that some twist OREO
Darts, for a blowgun AMMO
Defeat LOSS
Desert mirage, maybe OASIS
Discreet attention-getter PSST
Effortlessness EASE
Epps of "House" OMAR
Exhilarating shopping outing SPREE
Extends over SPANS
Give one star, perhaps RATE
Gopher's opening HOLE
Greek god with a bow EROS
Large containers with spigots URNS
Let off, like light EMIT
Like s'mores GOOEY
Little devil IMP
Lopsided wins ROMPS
Love poetry Muse ERATO
Make a speech ORATE
Clues Answers
Male bee DRONE
Muffin morsel, maybe OAT
Nearly closed AJAR
New England NFL team, informally PATS
Notes promising banknotes IOUS
Oldest "Star Wars" movie's retroactive subtitle ANEWHOPE
One spelling for an Italian lawn game BOCCI
Part of LGBTQ+, informally TRANS
Pierce with a toothpick STAB
Ponders, with "over" MULLS
Profound DEEP
Prone to prying NOSY
Rice source PADDY
Senate staffers AIDES
Site for renters and hosts AIRBNB
Situp muscles ABS
Skin opening PORE
Some Amazon vehicles VANS
Successfully reach ATTAIN
Talk back to SASS
They grow in the dark PUPILS
Titled NAMED
Tricky spot BIND
Two kings, perhaps PAIR
Tycoons BARONS
Vegetables in West African cuisine YAMS
Very pale ASHEN
Video game function that preserves your progress AUTOSAVE
Wed on the sly, and on the fly ELOPE
Will of "Arrested Development" ARNETT
Word heard at the start of a test BEGIN
Words before "reading," "language" & "music," respectively MINDBODYANDSOUL
Words before "show," "piece" & "play," respectively GAMESETANDMATCH
Words before "tape," "paper" & "ribbon," respectively REDWHITEANDBLUE
Worshipped celebrity IDOL
You might have one to pick BONE
Youngest Bronte sister ANNE
___ Grand Las Vegas MGM