Wall Street Journal - Feb 20 2021 - Post Scripts

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Clues Answers
“Into the Wild” star Hirsch EMILE
“That’s nasty!” UGH
“The Day of the Locust” writer Nathanael WEST
“The Old Curiosity Shop” girl NELL
“Um...sure” IGUESSSO
“Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?” singer Cole PAULA
Antlered animal ELK
Aquarium fish TETRA
Audition goal ROLE
Bête ___ NOIRE
Basis of a Deere defamation lawsuit? PLOWSLANDER
Become understood gradually SOAKIN
Big name in trendy sunglasses OAKLEY
Brown beverage COLA
Building visitors see at the Tyre Hippodrome? PRESERVEDSTABLE
Burst with pride KVELL
Business card feature LOGO
Cannes consent OUI
Change position, maybe POCKET
Charger part PLUG
Charts from hearts, for short EKGS
Clear dishes BUS
Commotion TODO
Competition in a dohyo SUMO
Conks out DIES
Counts’ counterparts EARLS
Custom WONT
Cuts off LOPS
Decoration on a golf club? PUTTERSTRIPE
Delivery cart DRAY
Doesn’t mind one’s own business PRIES
Dog named for a Honshu district AKITA
Dominant ALPHA
Doubles tennis and the like? PAIRSPORTS
Drooling dog of comics ODIE
Dubai dignitary EMIR
Ecclesiastical court SYNOD
Evangelist’s exhortation REPENT
Flat-nosed dogs PUGS
Forfeit alimony, perhaps REWED
Foundry output STEEL
Full awareness, so to speak OPENEYES
Full of guile SLY
Funnel shape CONE
Garden lines ROWS
Gas, for one PEDAL
Grand THOU
Hang loosely LOLL
Has nothing but good things to say about an oil company? PRAISESSHELL
Hazardous situations PERILS
Heavy tippler WINO
Heavy tipplers TOPERS
Heraklion is its capital CRETE
Hiatus PAUSE
Holiday nights EVES
Homecoming attendee ALUM
Human rights activist Clooney AMAL
Integrate with TIEINTO
Invigorate PEPUP
Iron man, perhaps STATUE
Judge’s demand ORDER
Keep away from ELUDE
Koi, e.g CARP
Ledger lines ENTRIES
Lemon DUD
Long-legged wader HERON
Make use of CALLUPON
Clues Answers
Massage targets ACHES
Music for the present day? CAROL
Name on some suits SPEEDO
Narrow peninsula SPIT
Nasty-smelling FETID
Nebr. neighbor SDAK
Neighbor ABUT
News-dominating brouhaha MEDIASTORM
Nostril adornment STUD
Novel base PLOT
Objects in it are closer than they appear SIDEMIRROR
Obsessive of 1850s literature AHAB
Olfactory stimuli ODORS
On any occasion EVER
On cloud nine ELATED
One of those “SNL” parody ads, say? PHONEYSPOT
Out of the ordinary ODD
Pack away STOW
Patron saint of virgins AGNES
Pays to play ANTES
Perfect place EDEN
Pitcher Luis TIANT
Play around, in a way TOUR
Pluralizable word NOUN
Pointing device LASERPEN
Poland Spring alternative EVIAN
Poorly ILL
Possession indicator APOSTROPHE
Prime minister Erna Solberg’s home OSLO
Prism productions SPECTRA
Property-based security option REIT
Pub pours PINTS
Pungent root RADISH
Purchase alternative LEASE
Reply of feigned innocence MOI
Resolves amicably TALKSITOUT
Rigging holder SPAR
Road with a no RTE
Royal address SIRE
Salacious look OGLE
Schönberg opera “Moses und ___” ARON
Scrutinizes GOESOVER
Sierra Nevada’s Hazy Little Thing, e.g IPA
Some living qtrs APTS
Somewhat ATAD
Squire’s subordinate PAGE
Stephen of “The Crying Game” REA
Stevenson’s Hispaniola and Wouk’s USS Caine, but not Longfellow’s Hesperus? PROSESHIPS
Straight HETERO
Strong suits FORTES
Symbols of strength OAKS
Syrian city ALEPPO
Take in CON
Tell target APPLE
The Jungfrau, for one ALP
The Pont de Normandie spans it SEINE
They eventually come to grips CREDITS
Throw in ADD
Ticket category ADULT
Tighten text EDIT
Tom ___ (Mark Twain’s pauper) canty
Took turns SPUN
Troubles AILS
Unpopular in the extreme DESPISED
Ushers who put jeans in their place? PANTSEATERS
Wails woefully KEENS
Watermelon waste SEEDS
Waves in the Red Sea? PINKSWELLS
Wrongful act TORT
___ Gatos LOS