Universal - Feb 19 2021

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Clues Answers
"Goodness gracious!" GEE
"Hold on a ___!" SEC
"The Princess Bride" character Montoya (hidden in "mini golf") INIGO
"Yeah, right!" OHSURE
"___ we all?" ARENT
Act expressively EMOTE
Actress Falco EDIE
Alphabetically last noble gas XENON
Alternative to AOL MSN
Amazon series about an L.A. detective BOSCH
Armani competitor GUCCI
Bending over backward? LIMBOING
Charged particle ION
Church official VICAR
Common post-wedding title MRS
December 24 or 31 EVE
Device for depositing a check ATM
Device that directs internet traffic ROUTER
Disorganized state MESS
Film industry CINEMA
Genre for a physics article aimed at a general audience, informally POPSCI
Got back together REUNITED
Green prefix ECO
Hang, as a poster PUTUP
High vocal range SOPRANO
Hollywood legend Lauren BACALL
Intelligent SMART
Invitation letters RSVP
Islamic title EMIR
Island country northwest of Tuvalu NAURU
Kamala Harris, e.g., slangily VEEP
Kilauea output LAVA
Kings' and Wizards' org NBA
Like a show that starts at 11 p.m ONLATE
Low drone HUM
Mani's counterpart PEDI
Margarita garnish LIME
Mathematical collection with nothing in it NULLSET
Clues Answers
Movement founded by Tarana Burke METOO
Muse of astronomy URANIA
Narrow opening SLOT
Nestle ___-Caps SNO
No. such as 4.0 GPA
On the money EXACT
Online business ETAIL
Pencil remnant NUB
Physicians' degs MDS
Place for a + SWISSFLAG
Place for a + NURSESCAP
Pocket watch chains FOBS
Power problem OUTAGE
Puzzle in which an eye may stand for "I" REBUS
Remove from a mailing list, briefly UNSUB
Roar source LION
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Seasonal shot target FLU
See 45-Across AHEADSIGN
Ship's docking place PIER
Shoo-___ (sure winners) INS
Skedaddled SCRAMMED
Sports bar fixtures TVS
State sch. in Athens UGA
Take to court SUE
Term of endearment CUTIE
Their crusts are crimped PIES
Tres - dos UNO
Trig function used to model light waves SINE
Turning out to be ENDINGUP
Went for, as a baseball SWUNGAT
Wetlands wader IBIS
With 60-Across, place for a + CROSSROAD
___ as an ox STRONG
___-Manuel Miranda ("Hamilton" creator) LIN
___-tac-toe TIC