USA Today - Mar 26 2021

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Clues Answers
'Don't leave yet' STAY
'Not for me' NAH
'Quit bothering me' GETLOST
'What time ___?' ISIT
'You ___ one job!' HAD
'___, Fat, Acid, Heat' SALT
Ambulance pro EMT
Asian ___ (fruits) PEARS
Asked politely SAIDPLEASE
Aspire HOPE
Candy in a dispenser PEZ
Celebration on 3/14 PIDAY
Civil rights leader Parks ROSA
Collapsible bed COT
Diatribe RANT
Dolly Parton hairstyle PERM
Draped clothing item SARI
Draped clothing item SASH
Emotional release CATHARSIS
Extent SCOPE
Faster than Mach 1 SUPERSONIC
Fitting APT
Frightening event SCARE
Future butterfly CATERPILLAR
General feel VIBE
German prefix that means 'super' UBER
Gets ready PREPS
Giant coffee container URN
Gives zero stars, perhaps PANS
Grows older AGES
Head of state, informally PREZ
Investment option with a Roth variety IRA
Like a song you might start humming unintentionally CATCHY
Like bread that's ready to bake RISEN
Magazine helmed by Nina Garcia ELLE
Metal source ORE
Most heartfelt, say DEEPEST
Name hidden in 'alphabet' ABE
Not trans CIS
Clues Answers
Notable period ERA
O Magazine's O OPRAH
Objects on a stage PROPS
Occupied a bench SAT
Pantry pests ANTS
Partner of willing ABLE
Phrase of finality ITSOVER
Piece of furniture named for an empire OTTOMAN
Pizzazz OOMPH
Place with gates and terminals AIRPORT
Plant stabilizer ROOT
Play areas for toddlers PENS
Prayer leader IMAM
Pre-period woe for some PMS
Provides food for an event CATERS
Psychic ability ESP
Reflexologist's employer SPA
Relaxed self-assurance POISE
Request when buzzing into an apartment building, perhaps LETMEUP
Require NEED
Rihanna song with the lyric 'someone help me' SOS
Sax insert REED
Shade of gray ASH
Show with a libretto OPERA
Shower safety feature RAIL
Snoozeable sound ALARM
Some poems ODES
St. Louis ___ (New Orleans landmark) CATHEDRAL
Symbol between pronouns SLASH
Synagogue greeting SHALOM
Tagine, e.g POT
The ___ High City (Denver nickname) MILE
Total disaster CATASTROPHE
Trees with a 'rock' variety ELMS
Triangles and rhombi SHAPES
Word before 'horse' or 'lion' SEA
Zero degrees, on a compass NORTH
___ pads (parts of eyeglasses) NOSE
___/them THEY