Wall Street Journal - Feb 16 2021 - Gone Fishing

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Clues Answers
“Hamilton” role BURR
“Insecure” star Rae ISSA
“Make it snappy!” ASAP
“The Color Purple” author Walker ALICE
2000 Olympics host SYDNEY
401(k) alternative IRA
Admitting to the priesthood ORDAINING
Agnus ___ DEI
Animal on Maine’s flag MOOSE
As it happens LIVE
At any time EVER
Attendee’s answer HERE
Barely ahead in the score UPONE
Blackjack card ACE
Buffalo-to-Baltimore dir SSE
Captivate the crowd REELTHEMIN
Carne ___ (grilled meat dish) ASADA
Catcher’s place HOME
Coffee, informally JAVA
Consider many possibilities CASTAWIDENET
Copenhagen natives DANES
Corp. identifiers TMS
Cosmetics counter buy TONER
Cream cheese holder BAGEL
D.C. baseballers NATS
Deduce INFER
Desiring constant attention NEEDY
Dick who was House majority leader from 1995 to 2003 ARMEY
Disgusted exclamation FEH
Do something that’s bound to result in trouble later OPENACANOFWORMS
Dugout leaders in the MLB MGRS
Exam for an atty.-to-be LSAT
Falls for something TAKESTHEBAIT
Female enlistee in WWII WAC
Fencing blade EPEE
Final exam giver? CORONER
Fist bumps DAPS
Clues Answers
Game with a 32-card deck EUCHRE
Golfer K.J CHOI
Good name for a chauffeur OTTO
Heads out GOES
Horace’s “___ Poetica” ARS
Indian maid AYAH
iPad downloads APPS
Jeans joint SEAM
Lennon’s love ONO
Lennon’s tribute to 55-Across WOMAN
Like Samsung and Hyundai KOREAN
Like untended gardens WEEDY
Love letter line MISSYOU
Make a decision OPT
Makes mistakes ERRS
Massive Brit. lexicon OED
No longer a suspect OFFTHEHOOK
Once more ANEW
Orangutan, e.g APE
Pinkett Smith of the “Matrix” franchise JADA
Plane or level TOOL
Pretends LETSON
Ritz rival OMNI
RSVP enclosure SASE
Some printers HPS
Specimen collected with a swab DNA
St. Louis landmark ARCH
Swimmer Torres with 12 Olympic medals DARA
They get you backstage VIPPASSES
To date SOFAR
Trees whose wood is used to make bows YEWS
Try for a fly SWAT
Unaccompanied flight SOLO
Utter pandemonium BEDLAM
Vodka in a blue bottle SKYY
Weave together ENLACE
Yard sale condition ASIS