The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 1,109 - Feb 15 2021

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Clues Answers
A special apple finally grafted onto new tree ASPEN
A sweet girl CHARLOTTE
Animal eating bottom of anterior organ BREAST
Arrange German class to accommodate lawyer GRADATE
Artist getting call to visit African country is keen to start RARING
Communist harbouring artist almost elected RETURNED
End of loop on rope used to train horses to duck PLUNGE
Field marshal with army engineers backing victory in battle runs for small lake ERWIN
Flimsy stuff made from purest sepia fragments TISSUE
Get rid of old china stone FIREOPAL
I am leaving old king a fertile piece of land ORCHARD
Instructions for fixed price given by European RECIPE
Large part of Asia ignoring small part of Europe IBERIA
Mean goblin dancing close to pixie IGNOBLE
Clues Answers
Music track about chance to set up parties RHAPSODY
Old Norse guard taking in English examination ONCEOVER
Opt to skip work to translate Germinal MALINGER
Publicity given to university grant ADMIT
See 22 TOGO
Shout about bananas ban leading to sin with fruit CRANBERRY
Stability shown by graduate with weapon BALANCE
Sultanate sheltering Muslim leader shoots official investigator OMBUDSMAN
Suspect parted with explosive device PETARD
Tin with silver catch SNAG
War memorial discovered by musicians in London with drum entering church CENOTAPH
Writer's blood given to daughter in small bottle GOREVIDAL