New York Times - Feb 15 2021

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Clues Answers
'Green' prefix ECO
'If all ___ fails ...' ELSE
'Rush Hour' and '21 Jump Street' [Clinton] BUDDYCOPMOVIES
'Superfruit' berry ACAI
'What ___ be done?' ISTO
'What ___ goes!' (parent's pronouncement) ISAY
'You got that right!' OHYES
1099-___ (bank-issued tax form) INT
Actress Russo RENE
Anticipate PLANON
Apple on a desktop IMAC
Author Edgar Allan ___ POE
Baked dessert made with tart red stalks (and loads of sugar) RHUBARBPIE
Basketball players, quaintly CAGERS
Boxer Spinks who upset Muhammad Ali LEON
Brought (in), as a fish REELED
By oneself SOLO
C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C, e.g. [Biden] MAJORSCALE
Capital of Italia ROMA
Chemical that burns ACID
Chevrolet muscle car CAMARO
Cloth used to cover a teapot, to Brits COSY
Combs to add volume, as a stylist might TEASES
Cousin of 'Kapow!' BAM
Curly hairstyle, for short FRO
Dance at a Jewish wedding HORA
Device that makes a TV 'smart' ROKU
Dines SUPS
Founder of Communist China MAO
Friends' opposite FOES
Go ___-wild HOG
Handle with ___ CARE
Home of Waikiki Beach OAHU
Howard's best friend on 'The Big Bang Theory' RAJ
Identify NAME
Jai ___ ALAI
Kind of port on a computer, in brief USB
Leave out OMIT
Legal order WRIT
Letter starter DEAR
Like Friday attire in some offices CASUAL
Clues Answers
Linguist Chomsky NOAM
Made smile AMUSED
Means of propelling a boat OAR
More than magnificent EPIC
Mosquito repellent ingredient DEET
Not the passive sort DOER
Numerical information DATA
Orchard fruit PEAR
Part of a stairway STEP
Play music in the subway, perhaps BUSK
Plenty steamed MAD
Prayer beads ROSARY
Prez with the pooch Heidi IKE
Probability ODDS
Really dry ARID
Respite from work DAYOFF
Rhyming title character who plays the tuba in Cuba, in a Rudy Vallee song YUBA
Saucer go-with CUP
Sharpen HONE
Shoe bottom SOLE
Small amounts TADS
Smitten INLOVE
Spray can mist AEROSOL
Stuck, with no way out INABADSPOT
Task to 'run' ERRAND
The Buddha is often depicted meditating under it [Obama] BOTREE
Tourist town in northern New Mexico TAOS
TV deputy of Mayberry [Bush 43] BARNEYFIFE
University that's also a color AUBURN
Vittles GRUB
What the starts of 21-, 26-, 40- and 50-Across are, for the presidents in their clues WHITEHOUSEDOGS
Windsurfing locale NE of Honolulu KAILUA
Zig or zag TURN
___ brûlée (French custard) CREME
___ Griffin Enterprises MERV
___ of Arendelle (Disney queen) ELSA
___ Verde (locale of San Juan's airport) ISLA
___-mo SLO