The Washington Post - Feb 14 2021

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Clues Answers
'... a flower, you got to let it grow' JOHNLENNON
'... a fruit in season at all times' MOTHERTERESA
'... an act of endless forgiveness' PETERUSTINOV
'... an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired' ROBERTFROST
'... eternal, infinite ... equal and pure' HONOREDEBALZAC
'... the beauty of the soul' SAINTAUGUSTINE
'... the truth more first than sun, more last than star' EECUMMINGS
'... __ to come' ISYET
'Burnt' pigment UMBER
'By Jove!' ISAY
'Cats' poet ELIOT
'Sing it, Sam' speaker ILSA
'Xanadu' rock gp ELO
'Yes!' AMEN
22.5 deg NNE
80-pound concert instruments HARPS
Absorb in class LEARN
Ad astra per __: Kansas motto ASPERA
Agnus __ DEI
Airport not far from the Common LOGAN
Alpine Olympics event SKIING
AOL, e.g ISP
Audio units: Abbr DBS
Auntie's hubby UNC
Author Rand AYN
Back at sea AFT
Bad way to be led ASTRAY
Bay State sch UMASS
Bleachers critiques CATCALLS
Bonnie Blue's dad RHETT
Cafeteria convenience TRAY
Cake topping ICING
Campus mil. unit ROTC
Childcare employee NANNY
Christmas trio MAGI
Colosseum warrior GLADIATOR
Congeal CLOT
Continental travel pass EURAIL
Court conference the jury doesn't hear SIDEBAR
DA's aide ASST
Discipline involving slow movement TAICHI
Dish put away with a spoon SOUP
Dripping __ WET
Elec. units KWS
Elite tactical units SWATTEAMS
Emphatic type ITALIC
Equivalent wd SYN
Final notice OBIT
Fingered IDED
First U.S. space station SKYLAB
Florence's __ Vecchio PONTE
Forever, with 'an' ETERNITY
Former SAG president Gilbert MELISSA
Frank behind a bookcase ANNE
Gambler's calculation ODDS
Games gp. that added a 'P' to its initials in 2019 USOC
Genesis twin ESAU
German coal valley RUHR
Goof or gaffe ERROR
Greek 'i' IOTA
Half-serious sequence? AEIOU
Hall of Famer Young et al CYS
High style UPDO
Honey and Sugar PETNAMES
Honshu high pt MTFUJI
Horn of Africa country: Abbr ETH
Hostile advance INROAD
Ideal partner THEONE
Inner: Pref ENTO
Iowa State city AMES
Issa of 'Insecure' RAE
Jargon CANT
Clues Answers
Kid's assertion CANSO
King of Maine STEPHEN
Leopardlike cats OCELOTS
Like many garages TWOCAR
Like winds in storms GUSTY
Line above the equator: Abbr NLAT
Literally, the sci. of women GYN
Makes stuff up LIES
Manhattan, e.g.: Abbr ISL
Med. office titles DRS
Model railroad scale OGAUGE
Monastery VIP ABBOT
Native ceremonial pipe CALUMET
Oakley skill RIFLERY
Operated RAN
Orders from on high EDICTS
Oregon's highest point MOUNTHOOD
Origami bird CRANE
Password partner USERID
Payroll service co ADP
Perforated orb holding leaves TEABALL
Phased-out Apple messaging tool ICHAT
Pirate's cry YAR
Pitch-raising guitar device CAPO
Pixar title robot WALLE
Place to have a meal EATERY
Place to putt GREEN
Playground denial ARENOT
Post-WWII pres HST
Progress HEADWAY
Queen of the Nile, familiarly CLEO
Raoul Dufy, stylistically FAUVE
Response to overhearing? TMI
Road to the Forum ITER
Rock memoir ITINA
Salon cuts SNIPS
Screenwriter James AGEE
Sightseeing trip TOUR
Sign of a slow leak DRIP
Silly goose TWIT
Sinn __ FEIN
Sky blue AZURE
Sommer of cinema ELKE
Source of emergency light OILLAMP
Spam-spreading program BOT
Spanish bull TORO
Spotted horse PINTO
Starring role LEAD
Suffix with Catholic ISM
Suffix with salt INE
Swears to ATTESTS
Tamblyn of 'West Side Story' RUSS
Tats INK
TD scorers RBS
Texting format, briefly SMS
Top medal GOLD
Touch ABUT
Turkic native UZBEK
Two-year periods BIENNIA
Used for a tryst METAT
Very big HUGE
Very small role BITPART
Wade noisily SLOSH
Warned one's master, perhaps BARKED
Way more cool GNARLIER
Whale-watching woe NAUSEA
Wood shapers ADZES
Word with cut or pin HAIR
Wouldn't go back on STUCKWITH
WWI Belgian battle site YPRES
Yoga needs MATS