Universal - Feb 13 2021

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Clues Answers
"21st Century Breakdown" band GREENDAY
"So far, so goof" has one TYPO
"The Gift of the ___" MAGI
"The Irishman" star ALPACINO
"___: Long Walk to Freedom" (... + first 3) MANDELA
'Do for a while PERM
A Great Lake ERIE
Actor Zac EFRON
Airplane passageway AISLE
Animal in a pride LION
Babyproofed, say MADESAFE
Bilbo Baggins portrayer (... + first 3) IANHOLM
Box of oranges CRATE
British fellow CHAP
Browns' city: Abbr CLE
Campus bigwigs DEANS
Capitol Hill staffer AIDE
Carrier to Tel Aviv ELAL
Cold drink brand ICEE
Common subscription length YEAR
Completely puzzle STUMP
Covertly loop in BCC
Cyber ops grp CIA
Falls in two countries (last 3 ...) NIAGARA
Father's Day VIP PAPA
Feel unwell AIL
Fly like an eagle SOAR
Gillette razor ATRA
He was slain by Cain ABEL
Highest digits in Sudoku NINES
Huge event EXPO
Insurer known for its gecko GEICO
January, in Jalisco ENERO
Journalist Couric KATIE
Lemon pie topping MERINGUE
Lift that's not a Lyft UBER
Mild expletive DRAT
Musical set in Argentina EVITA
Clues Answers
Naughty or ___ NICE
Nautical greeting AHOY
Nearly all MOST
Non-native speaker's subj ESL
Occupied, like a diner booth SATAT
One may have a basket and a bell (... + first 3) BICYCLE
Org. for attorneys ABA
Pelvic bone ILIUM
Perfect scores for divers TENS
Permitted by law LEGAL
Point of no return? ACE
Popular chip flavoring (... + first 2) SEASALT
Practice in the ring SPAR
Prefix with "scope" PERI
Race, as an engine REV
Response to a startling greeting OHHI
Risk territory west of Siberia URAL
River through Rome TIBER
Rod in old movies (last 3 ...) STEIGER
Rudolph's is red NOSE
Singer Diamond NEIL
Singer Turner TINA
Site of a small canal EAR
Spanish rice dish PAELLA
Statement about a past defeat ILOST
Strut down the runway SASHAY
Support for a rose STEM
Suzuki of baseball ICHIRO
Teenage skin trouble ACNE
Tire filler AIR
Title abbreviated to its first and last letters MISTER
Toothpaste tube letters ADA
Weigh station unit AXLE
Word after "time" or "slot" (last 5 ...) MACHINE
Wrinkly fruit UGLI
Wynonna or Wyatt EARP
___ bliss (last 4 letters in this answer ...) MARITAL