L.A. Times Daily - Feb 13 2021

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Clues Answers
"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" title: Abbr DET
"Henry & June" diarist NIN
"The Magic School Bus" network PBS
1952 Winter Olympics host OSLO
Acting incentive MORALIMPERATIVE
Additional characters, in gamerspeak ALTS
Austin festival, briefly SXSW
Body with arms, usually SEA
Cause of a faux pas, perhaps LAPSEINJUDGMENT
Chi preceder TAI
Consort of Shiva KALI
Couldn't stand, maybe SAT
Decoding need KEY
Diwali garment SARI
Draft portmanteau KEGERATOR
Eschew the diner, maybe EATIN
Foul film SCUM
Gustav Mahler's composer brother OTTO
Hawaiian fare POI
Hostile force ENEMY
Implement associated with its own age STONETOOL
Impulse conductors AXONS
It can be fixed ASSET
Jeans parts KNEES
Jerks that surprise you SPASMS
Lacto-__ vegetarian OVO
Move like a cat burglar SLINK
Nebraska native OTO
Not sitting well? ANTSY
Oblong tomato ROMA
One who's typically up POSITIVETHINKER
Opener INTRO
Org. concerned with secrets NSA
Org. with red, white and blue trucks USPS
Parks of Alabama ROSA
Clues Answers
Possessive pronoun HIS
Pre-sign sign STOPAHEAD
Priests, at times ANOINTERS
Prince __ Khan ALY
Pub order PINT
Radio host Shapiro ARI
Really liked something, man DUGIT
Recent delivery TOT
Red Seal record label company RCA
Retro finish SEPIA
Riga resident LETT
Sculptor's subject TORSO
Seatbelt campaign slogan CLICKITORTICKET
Singer Adkins known by her first name ADELE
Some choir members ALTI
Some Eastern Europeans SLAVS
Stellar spectacles NOVAS
Stravinsky's "Le __ du printemps" SACRE
Strip often twisted LEMONRIND
Sushi bar order AHI
Talk show host who voices the adult Dory in "Finding Dory" ELLEN
They may work on profiles PORTRAITARTISTS
They're usually toward the front of an orch STRS
Tiffs ROWS
Turnoff EXIT
Univ. helpers TAS
Variety show REVUE
Wafer giant NECCO
Wave generator? PERM
What might cause you to forget your lines? BOTOXINJECTIONS
Where to find an OR USMAP
Would consider, after "is" OPENTO
__ breve ALLA
__ slicker CITY