Wall Street Journal - Feb 13 2021 - Shoe Last

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Clues Answers
“Layla” singer Clapton ERIC
“The A-Team” actor MRT
1980 John Lennon song WOMAN
Arthur of tennis ASHE
Attempt to pass the bar? LIMBO
Bank offerings IRAS
Barge mover TUG
Be decisive OPT
Biz biggie EXEC
Brooks with an EGOT MEL
Brownish-gray TAUPE
Brusque CURT
Capital of East Flanders GHENT
Capital once called Philadelphia AMMAN
Capitol cap DOME
Cheese accompaniment? SMILE
Chums BUDS
Confident style ELAN
Corrosive solutions LYES
Dallas hoopster MAV
Depend RELY
Dir. of LAX from SFO SSE
Eastern way TAO
Elusive Highlands resident NESSIE
Emulate Romeo and Juliet ELOPE
Face-to-face test ORAL
Faction SIDE
Feathery wrap BOA
Flyer in a mask, e.g GOALIE
Foaming at the mouth IRATE
Foaming-at-the-mouth feeling ANGER
Footwear for ad agency workers? PITCHINGWEDGES
Footwear for Alaska fishermen? COLDWATERFLATS
Footwear for coin makers? MINTJELLIES
Footwear for dentists? DRILLINGPLATFORMS
Footwear for housekeepers? VACUUMPUMPS
Footwear for plumbers? SINKCLOGS
Footwear for spa workers? MUDSLIDES
Foursome for director John Ford OSCARS
Fuss ADO
Gazillionaire NABOB
Goldman’s partner SACHS
Golfer Aoki ISAO
Had a Nascar mishap SPUNOUT
Having a lot to lose OBESE
Heavy metal’s Mötley ___ CRUE
Home of the CFL’s Argonauts TORONTO
Home of the Vols UTENN
Impaired HARMED
In suspense AGOG
Indistinguishable SAME
Ingredient used by bakers of pizzelle cookies ANISEOIL
Instead ELSE
Jazz diva Jones ETTA
Keeps under wraps SITSON
Lamebrain’s lack SENSE
Land west of Lake Mich WISC
Last stop before home THIRD
Less tended, as a garden WEEDIER
Like linen WOVEN
Long dress MAXI
Mag. staffers EDS
Maker of many bricks LEGO
Monopoly card DEED
Morse tap DIT
Most adorable CUTEST
Moth repellent CEDAR
Musical intervals SIXTHS
Clues Answers
Needle point? NORTH
Nephew of Patty and Selma BART
Official mark SEAL
Old anesthetic ETHER
Pacific salmon COHO
Pale and flabby DOUGHY
Pasteur discovery GERMS
Popular card game UNO
Potpourri bit PETAL
Promote for gain SHILL
Purple competitor SERTA
Queequeg, to Ishmael SHIPMATE
Radical 1960s org SDS
Rejects, in Congress VOTESNAY
Sacred scrolls TORAHS
Scarecrow stuffing STRAW
Scheming Heep URIAH
Scrabble pieces TILES
See 69-Down HAYES
Shoe locale HOOF
Short albums, for short EPS
Short-legged pooch CORGI
Sign in an apartment window TOLET
Simple creature AMOEBA
Smoke detectors, of a sort NOSES
Soft on a piano, e.g PEDAL
Something in the air AROMA
Son of Seth ENOS
Spa cover ROBE
Specialty AREA
Split PART
Sponge cake ingredients EGGS
Sports facilities STADIA
Stick at a pig roast SPIT
Succeed, say REPLACE
Takes in SEES
This puzzle’s 140, e.g CLUES
Tickled pink GLAD
Tire features TREADS
To be, in Paris ETRE
Took five RESTED
Toyota model TERCEL
Traumatize SCAR
Traveler’s stop MOTEL
Trojan War epic ILIAD
Troubles HASSLES
Turkish title AGHA
Turn on START
Underlying theme SUBTEXT
Unit of resistance OHM
Unnecessary embellishment FRILL
Upright HONEST
Vocal group in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with “The” INKSPOTS
Walks through puddles SLOSHES
Weakens SAPS
When expected ONCUE
Whirling motion GYRATION
Whirling motion EDDY
Whistler’s whistle TUNE
Wily SLY
Wish receiver STAR
With 105-Across, “Soul Man” co-writer ISAAC
Worked at a wedding reception DJED
Yoga class sights MATS
You might get it to go GAS