- Feb 12 2021

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Clues Answers
''By remarriage'' prefix STEP
''Hasta la vista!'' ADIOS
''We'll take that as __'' ANO
20 Across opponent STEPHENDOUGLAS
20 Across opponent GEORGEMCCLELLAN
A distant point AFAR
African nation's former name ZAIRE
Alternatively ELSE
Be a chiseler CHEAT
Bibliography abbr ETAL
Book printer's sheet FOLIO
Bow-shaped ARCED
Boxing prize PURSE
Brussels-based org NATO
Caramel color TAN
Carries on WAGES
Cater to PLEASE
Claudius successor NERO
Common Hollywood flora PALMS
Conductor's reference SCORE
Constituent of NASA SPACE
Contractual detail TERM
Danger signal ALERT
Danger signal ALARM
Danish-born muckraker RIIS
Defiant disagreement SEZYOU
Dissolution of Dec. 1991 USSR
Dorm descriptor COED
Downfall RUIN
East Asian shrine PAGODA
Encouraging word OLE
Extremely old-fashioned MEDIEVAL
Feng __ (decorative art) SHUI
Figure of speech METAPHOR
Final, often desperate attempt LASTGASP
Foil giant ALCOA
Frank OPEN
Clues Answers
Frequent filer CPA
Gem from Australia OPAL
Geological period EPOCH
Guitar ancestor LUTE
Intended AIMED
Leave in the dust LOSE
Less for a while ONSALE
Message on a dusty car WASHME
Miss the mark ERR
Move a bit STIR
Mumbai wedding wear SARI
Name meaning ''born again'' RENEE
Native name of New Guinea PAPUA
Olympian blade EPEE
Ore source VEIN
Per unspecified others BYSOME
Pond buildup SCUM
Prone to dust storms ARID
Quirky ODD
Salad request NOOIL
Sharp rebuke SLAP
Show off, as one's wardrobe SPORT
Social association CLUB
Spa treatment PEDI
Star quality AURA
Sudden blow GUST
Today's birthday guy ABRAHAMLINCOLN
Tribute paid HOMAGE
Very pale, as ale BLONDE
Very trying NOPICNIC
Video game giant SEGA
Went (for) OPTED
With frequency ALOT
Would-be electees POLS
Yankee retiree nickname AROD