Universal - Feb 11 2021

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Clues Answers
"Call the Midwife" network PBS
"I'm Nobody! Who ___ you?" (Dickinson) ARE
"Li'l ___" (classic comic) ABNER
"Remington ___" ('80s TV show) STEELE
"Stat!" ASAP
Ask too much for OVERPRICE
Automated worker ROBOT
Become inedible ROT
Big Apple computers IMACS
Blossom holder STEM
Born as NEE
Browns wide receiver Beckham Jr ODELL
Certainly not animated STOLID
Change location MOVE
Control the direction of STEER
Country by the Gulf of Aden YEMEN
Country's Haggard MERLE
Cowboy's contest RODEO
Crew team member ROWER
Dot follower, in a college's URL EDU
During AMID
Dutch cheese EDAM
Ending for "Hallow" EEN
February 14 emotion LOVE
Food staple with a jumbo size EGG
For each PER
Golfer's midrange club SEVENIRON
Group of people CROWD
Groups of vehicles CONVOYS
Had tandoori chicken, say ATE
Have a feeling SENSE
Hawaiian strings, informally UKES
Hit squarely NAIL
Like always ASEVER
Lil ___ X ("HOLIDAY" rapper) NAS
Long journeys TREKS
Longtime hurler Hershiser OREL
Marie who won two Nobel Prizes CURIE
Clues Answers
Nevada gambling mecca RENO
Not much of a part CAMEO
Oteri who was on "SNL" CHERI
Ouija board activity SEANCE
Outer limit EDGE
Painter Chagall MARC
Palindromic music genre POP
Personal ad verb SEEKS
Pizza parlor phrase (1 to 4) WEDELIVER
Prescribed amount DOSE
Puts to rest, as fears ALLAYS
Ram's partner EWE
Roosevelt's Depression-fighting plan (2 to 5) NEWDEAL
Roth and SEP plans IRAS
Says mean things about DISSES
Shrub whose flowers are often purple LILAC
Slanting ATILT
Some plants or garden pests MOLES
Steve of "The Office" CARELL
Still kicking ALIVE
Stop before launch ABORT
Take heavy steps CLOMP
Texter's "However ..." OTOH
Throws and runners RUGS
Time for a colorful parade (4 to 7) PRIDEWEEK
Travel by streetcar RIDE
Trifling MERE
Trims the grass MOWS
Unexpected response to "Are you asleep?" YES
Votes into office ELECTS
Was useful to (unscramble letters 5 to 8 in this answer) SERVEDWELL
West Africa's Sierra ___ LEONE
What may cross a highway, or a theme hint TUMBLEWEED
Without a clue UNAWARE
Word after "hot" or "lightning" ROD
Word such as "happily": Abbr ADV
___ Raton, Florida BOCA