Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Feb 22 2021

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Clues Answers
"Citizen Kane" inspiration HEARST
"Don't move!" SITTIGHT
"Get —!" AGRIP
"Humbug!" BAH
"Once — a time ..." UPON
"That's — ask" ALLI
"The — the limit!" SKYS
Actor LaBeouf SHIA
Allied landing site on D-Day NORMANDY
Austen heroine EMMA
Bruce and Laura DERNS
Buckeyes' sch OSU
Canine cry ARF
Commotion STIR
Conference leader? TELE
Cook slowly in liquid BRAISE
Corvette roof option TTOP
Debtors' notes IOUS
Dress rehearsal TRIALRUN
Europe's neighbor ASIA
Film lengths RUNTIMES
Fish propeller FIN
Fonda's beekeeper role ULEE
Frightens ALARMS
Galoot LUNK
Game official REF
Greek consonants PHIS
Gusto ZEAL
Clues Answers
Hexagonal state UTAH
Jargon suffix ESE
Jazzy Fitzgerald ELLA
Joke GAG
Mattress option FIRM
Not yet apprehended ONTHERUN
Novelist Rice ANNE
Numerical prefix UNI
Office part-timer TEMP
One way to serve café AULAIT
Peanut product OIL
Pep rally shout GOTEAMGO
Pester NAG
Pickling herb DILL
Pop's mate MOM
Pvt.'s superior SGT
Quagmire MORASS
Released ISSUED
Rock's Brian ENO
Roe provider SHAD
Signing need PEN
Smooth-talking GLIB
Snitch TELL
Sporty trucks, briefly UTES
Termini ENDS
Track competitor SPRINTER
Vacuum's lack AIR
War god ARES
Weeps SOBS
— mater ALMA