- Feb 10 2021

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Clues Answers
''Quiet!'' SHH
America's highest peak DENALI
Appear to be SEEM
At any time EVER
Baking chamber OVEN
Barnyard cackler HEN
Be of help to AID
Bear seen by Goldilocks PAPA
Boxing-stopping letters TKO
Bro's sibling SIS
Buckeye State sch OSU
Capital of Norway OSLO
Clock dial FACE
Comes to a close ENDS
Country singer's accent NASALTWANG
Deception RUSE
Do something with USE
Drop of paint BLOB
Edge of a glass RIM
Explosive initials TNT
Fancy party GALA
First Greek letter ALPHA
Firstborn of two ELDER
Fuel efficiency stat MPG
Gather gradually ACCUMULATE
Get chummy (with) PALUP
Glowing review RAVE
Gossip-filled, informally DISHY
Grade-school support orgs PTAS
Helpful hints TIPS
Hold (off) STAVE
Icy navigation hazard BERG
India's continent ASIA
Jai __ (ball game) ALAI
Magazine edition ISSUE
Major blood vessel AORTA
Man's droplet-pattern neckwear PAISLEYTIE
Man's thin-line pattern office attire PINSTRIPESUIT
Clues Answers
Nevada neighbor UTAH
Officeholders, for short POLS
Open up, as shoelaces UNDO
PC key near the space bar ALT
Potato-growing state IDAHO
Prepare, as tea BREW
Pull on TUGAT
Reach an agreement SETTLE
Receive or retrieve GET
Reject, as legislation VETO
Right-angle shapes ELLS
Ripped (up) TORE
River blockers DAMS
Runs in neutral IDLES
Sack fabric BURLAP
Sand particles GRIT
Scolding sound TSK
Semester TERM
Signs of sorrow TEARS
Sketcher's tablet ARTPAD
Sour mood SNIT
Speak highly of LAUD
Speaks unclearly SLURS
Starch in sushi RICE
Those others THEM
Trade show, for short EXPO
Try to persuade gently COAX
Uber competitor LYFT
Unexpected benefit BOON
Untruthful one LIAR
Up to the task ABLE
Volcanic outpouring LAVA
Volunteer's offer ILLGO
Wild guesses STABS
Woman's checked-pattern garment PLAIDSKIRT
Woman's circle-pattern garment POLKADOTDRESS
Z __ ''zebra'' ASIN
__ aside (abandon) LAY
__ d'état COUP