The Sun - Two Speed - Feb 10 2021

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Clues Answers
Absolutely Fabulous? AWESOME
Aggrandise ENNOBLE
Amend or alter REJIG
Broadcast AIR
Change and dance again? REJIG
Character in Voltaire AIR
Check six-footer embracing Penny INSPECT
Close to centre INNER
Comedian Vic REEVES
Dish for Scotsman: girl returns with one MACARONI
Divert AMUSE
Fees schedule TARIFF
Flat back in Budapest PAD
Getting somewhere in Marseilles? ENROUTE
Girl in classroom LASS
Gold lump NUGGET
In transit ENROUTE
Intelligentsia LITERATI
Judge the writer’s ungrammatical sneer JIBE
Lower price for rump steak? UNDERCUT
Management course DIRECTION
Medieval social order FEUDALISM
Mocking remark JIBE
Clues Answers
More desirable BETTER
Nimble one in terrible gale AGILE
No-deal charge and argument over a rupee TARIFF
Noel and Ben could get raise ENNOBLE
Notebook PAD
One excessive fellow into fruit GOURMAND
Ore deposit VEIN
Pasta tubes MACARONI
Pre-loved USED
Ready-made home PREFAB
Recovered gambler? BETTER
Recreate morning service AMUSE
Rep repaired cracking in house PREFAB
Reworked sum failed in old system FEUDALISM
Scholars drunk, incredibly irate LITERATI
Scrutinise INSPECT
Secret: keep away from publican INNER
Severe dancing partner for Mortimer REEVES
Sign from mortgage minister GEMINI
Some ambitious editor exploited USED
Vessel the very one in Hamburg? VEIN
What prospector seeks: some chicken? NUGGET
Young woman LASS
Zodiac twins GEMINI