The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,594 - Feb 9 2021

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Clues Answers
Admits tucking into brown sauce OWNS
Antelope caught, creating concern TOPIC
At home and fed up with current new tie that's worked loose INDEFINITE
Breathing heavily, eating fries on a regular basis? It's what dad might be doing PARENTING
Bright university student returned with detectives LUCID
Crack soldiers in Egypt emptied kit EQUIPMENT
Dine out with Trump's vice-president, concealing desire for lack of bias INDEPENDENCE
Discovered I end diet if upset IDENTIFIED
Drop protest, we're told DESCENT
Fancy deleting fashionable picture! IMAGE
Foretell proportional representation law PREDICT
Great exclamation of delight on large ride BIGWHEEL
Had to leave husband and shift location ADDRESS
Hostility over parking place OPPOSITION
Making prisoners flipping snappy with sound of a bell? CONSTRUCTING
Clues Answers
Mock if CIA trial collapsed ARTIFICIAL
Molly perhaps is in fine hotel FISH
Most of well-known artist's work on stage OPERA
Ran from second dog that is in road SCURRIED
Rebellion with no leader initially speaks volumes EDITIONS
Regret about first in line to be monarch RULE
Release without charge FREE
Rip off page, annoyed PIRATE
Risks cutting top off nettles ANGERS
Saw dog commonly held by lead PROVERB
Sian left burst balloons INFLATES
Something to make you feel better? A Republican's support PILLAR
Standing by chap on hospital department PERMANENT
Tickle old sweetheart with sex appeal in church EXCITE
Tree fern damaged after I get in the way INTERFERE