Irish Times (Crosaire) - Feb 10 2021

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Clues Answers
Celebrity turns up in San Marino City ICON
Closes 6 down for Pink, the crafty older type? SHIP
Cold heart - it's said, 6 down has one of them CHART
Comes across dog that has a chance of winning COMPETES
Counter-attack battle on rising river TABLETOP
Detective and judge working overseas for Grace O' Malley PIRATE
Donegal dropping a colourful type GOLDEN
Exhibited the effects of time consumed by mortgage debt AGED
Exposed by Shatter? That's how wars begin! OUTBREAK
Get up with nearly all the characters in 10 across for Arabian display, for example DRESSAGE
Heads to Catania, Rimini, Imola and Milan working for The Don CRIMINAL
Is not disturbed by organisation getting upset UNSHAKEN
Market what Belle Smith guarded bringing back SELL
Measure what's found on 24 across by old music producer TAPEDECK
Clues Answers
Mediates with a bar sitter drunk ARBITRATES
One of those employing 19 down in park is seeing red having to deliver PIRATESHIP
Order it officially for new road going up north ORDAIN
Parting gift from 26 across and most of those in 11 across GOLDENHANDSHAKE
Raised two offspring of an antelope DIKDIK
Revolutionary Frenchmen taking in America get papers served in Chinese restaurant DIMSUM
Some twenty per cent work in the office TYPE
Spill the beans on former model EXPOSE
Standard drugs for those on the sauce in the kitchen perhaps STOCKPOT
Straight mole from Homeland HAND
Takeaway opens before lunch in Ireland and the Revenue is having none of it DEDUCTIBLE
Those closing deals for 2 down taking direction from those in school HANDSHAKES
Took a cruise - is that what 6 down did? SAILED
Two sides to gringo's devilish charm GRIGRI