Family Time - Feb 8 2021

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Clues Answers
"City of Kings" in Peru LIMA
"___ Las Vegas" VIVA
11, in blackjack ACE
A bride and groom meet there ALTAR
Anything from a car's exhaust EMISSION
Baseball card data STATS
Be suffering from a common cold AIL
Beach composition SAND
Big Apple slice? (2 words) EASTSIDE
Carrier of pupils BUS
Common download APP
Container in a laboratory VIAL
Containers for lots of potatoes SACKS
Crisco alternative PAM
Cry of deep regret ALAS
Dangerous, noisy reptiles RATTLESNAKES
Declare to be true AVER
Diana Ross was one, once SUPREME
Display curiosity ASK
Drop in the mailbox SEND
Dryer collection LINT
Electronic drums' blaster AMP
Enjoys crabs EATS
Favorable warm forecast BALMY
Fishes like pikes with long noses GARS
Fishy, nondairy eggs ROE
Floating bottle stopper CORK
Friendly family member PET
General feeling, in slang VIBE
Hardly any, old-style NARY
Help signal at sea SOS
Home for the first people EDEN
Clues Answers
Important treaty topic (2 words) TESTBAN
Its home may be on the range? POT
Large eating expanse for goats LEA
Last bio OBIT
Length x width AREA
Long past being popular PASSE
Matted cotton sheet BATT
New bride's title MRS
Not bumpy or odd EVEN
Other choices ALTERNATIVES
Overnight cases for travelers VALISES
Place in a setting PUT
Queen of a tiny hill ANT
Quite a bit (2 words) ALOT
Really good friend PAL
Solo during an opera performance ARIA
Sounds heard on a cattle ranch MOOS
Speak words unclearly SLUR
Take a small drink SIP
Thanksgiving Day dessert PIE
The ram of the zodiac ARIES
Their value is one 45-Across PENNIES
Things placed by sponsors ADS
Tissue layer PLY
Top university official DEAN
Very little change? CENT
Vital viewer EYE
Wee amount or Lincoln's son TAD
Whale of a tale SAGA
With hurt feelings SAD
___ and outs INS
___ vera plant ALOE