L.A. Times Daily - Feb 8 2021

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Clues Answers
"Check it out for yourself!" GOSEE
"Last Week Tonight" network HBO
Airer of Tyler Perry's "The Oval" BET
Ali of "Love Story" MACGRAW
Artist's board PALETTE
Assassin's assignment HITJOB
Author Allende ISABEL
Axlike tool ADZE
Be of use to AVAIL
Bear in a kid's bed TEDDY
Bikini top BRA
Bird in Liberty Mutual ads EMU
Blue birds JAYS
Bryan Cranston crime drama BREAKINGBAD
Caramel-filled candy ROLO
Clearer, as a sky BLUER
Cold War threat HBOMB
Deli sandwich, initially BLT
Do not disturb LETBE
Easygoing pace AMBLE
Elementary lesson ABCS
Excessive publicity HYPE
Experiment sites LABS
Fish-and-chips coating BEERBATTER
Foamy tubful for unwinding BUBBLEBATH
Give up, informally BAGIT
Greek goddess of wisdom ATHENA
Greek matchmaker EROS
Harmonic TONAL
Help a robber, say ABET
Hosp. trauma pro ERDOC
Icon with a left-facing arrow BACKBUTTON
Infant's source of nourishment BABYBOTTLE
Inn offering a morning meal, briefly ... or a hint to six puzzle answers BANDB
Investigative journalist Nellie BLY
Jest KID
Journalist __ Rogers St. Johns ADELA
Clues Answers
Like many first-time workers TEENAGE
Links org PGA
Loafing around IDLE
Lumber on a diamond BASEBALLBAT
Mae __, first Black woman in space JEMISON
Marketing prefix TELE
Marvel-ous heroes? XMEN
Mystical vibe AURA
Name, as a knight DUB
Needlelike engraving tools STYLETS
Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
Old Russian ruler CZAR
On the __: quarreling OUTS
One-named "Chandelier" singer SIA
Paris subway METRO
Period "ushered in" NEWERA
Police dept. alerts APBS
Potter's material CLAY
Praises highly LAUDS
Priest's robe ALB
Purina rival ALPO
Retail complex MALL
Rocking Jagger MICK
Serenity "before the storm" CALM
Shift and Tab KEYS
Small bills ONES
Stroller, in Sheffield PRAM
Swedish pop group with the hit "Chiquitita" ABBA
Toffee candy bar SKOR
Top dog ALPHA
Trojan War hero ACHILLES
Trojan War hero AJAX
Tulane URL ending EDU
Turns to soup, as ice cream MELTS
Use the exit LEAVE
Very dry, as Champagne BRUT
Walks drunkenly STAGGERS
Whole heap SCAD