The Washington Post Sunday - Feb 7 2021

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Clues Answers
'Catch-22' pilot, and a homophone of 61 Down and 65 Down ORR
'Eso ___ (That Kiss!)' (song sung by Paul Anka) BESO
'Heroes in a half ___' (descriptor for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) SHELL
'I hadn't considered that!' GEE
'Inside' ones may be hard to get JOKES
'Love to Love You Baby' singer DONNASUMMER
'Pagliacci' clown TONIO
'Parks and Recreation' actress Rashida JONES
'Smoke Signals' actress Bedard IRENE
'Sounds good to me' COOL
'Theatre Cat' played by Ian McKellen in 'Cats' GUS
1977 book about the first year of law school ONEL
911 responders, for short EMTS
A's in music class, e.g NOTES
Abandoning a hopeless cause, and a description of the circled letters in 95 Across JUMPINGSHIP
Addressee of the song lyric 'Like a fool, I fell in love with you / You turned my whole world upside down' LAYLA
Alcoholic imports from Brussels BELGIANBEERS
Altered crop letters GMO
Anatomical pouch SAC
Apt answer at this spot TWO
Arrangements PLANS
Bakery order with cream cheese frosting, often CARROTCAKE
Base of some paints OIL
Between, en français ENTRE
Bill who played a role in the Epcot attraction 'Ellen's Energy Adventure' NYE
Body part that 'hits the floor' in shock JAW
Burgundy or maroon, e.g DEEPRED
Certain emitted particle with a Greek letter in its name DELTARAY
Chip-matching phrase ICALL
Chipmunk, to an owl PREY
Christian Bale's role in 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' MOSES
Classical nonet member MUSE
Club ___ (tourism company) MED
Cognizant (of) AWARE
Cold comfort for an athlete? ICE
Come out EMERGE
Computer port initials USB
Contains HAS
Counterattacking item EPEE
Cowgirls' accessories HATS
Cruciate ligament site KNEE
Cry of delight OOH
Dangerous vapors FUMES
Demand to someone holding your hand LETMEGO
Device used in photo-rejuvenation procedures LASER
Discharges, as lava SPEWS
Do some frolicking PRANCE
Drawn-out legal conflict COURTBATTLE
Edible shoot SPRIG
Equine or leonine locks MANES
Exercise for strengthening biceps BARBELLCURL
Fend off AVERT
Follows ENSUES
Frustratingly finicky ANAL
Game with a Braille version that was released in 2019 UNO
Glades predators GATORS
Grand Funk Railroad bassist Schacher MEL
Having slack LOOSE
Heating appliance OVEN
Hold back, as news SITON
ICU personnel DRS
Information confirmation PROOF
Jack Sprat eschewed it FAT
King ___ (orangutan in 'The Jungle Book') LOUIE
Kingly ROYAL
Kingly? EERIE
Leaf made from a tree PAGE
Learning by repetition ROTE
Like action thriller films INTENSE
Los Angeles Lakers color commentator Lantz STU
Make House modifications, say? AMEND
Clues Answers
Megachurch congregants' venue, at times ARENA
Military activities, briefly OPS
Missing history, say ABSENT
Nation whose flag has a central green star SENEGAL
Neighborhoods AREAS
Not as adorned BARER
NPR journalist Montagne RENEE
Object flung from the shore, and a description of the circled letters in 71 Across SKIPPINGSTONE
Orange street marker CONE
Parcel (out) DOLE
Personal care facility SPA
Pianist's flourish TRILL
Piece by Elissa Washuta ESSAY
Piece of regatta gear OAR
Plastic wrap brand SARAN
Play Store downloads APPS
Possesses OWNS
Problematic falsification of people's identities ERASURE
Prone to irritation TESTY
Prospector's discovery ORE
Provide fodder for fact-checkers ERR
Pryor knowledge? COMEDY
Public tumults RIOTS
Put in an opening stake ANTED
Railway makeup STEEL
Ranking figure at a firm SENIORPARTNER
Rapids whirlpool EDDY
Removes a layer from PARES
Repayment pledge IOU
Results of catching flies? OUTS
Reveals gory details TELLSALL
Rib-eye alternatives TBONES
Ride on the playground? TEASE
Scone spread JAM
Second word of 49 Across OWE
Senator Ben SASSE
Sense something sweet, say TASTE
Solo homer result RBI
Something you may follow during karaoke, and a description of the circled letters in 23 Across BOUNCINGBALL
Speck of sand GRAIN
Spots for heating pads when treating neck pain NAPES
Steaming, and a description of the circled letters in 41 Across HOPPINGMAD
Sudoku patterns GRIDS
Support, as a thief ABET
Swiftly APACE
Take 5 candy brand REESES
Takes a look at geese? GANDERS
Taking a break RESTINGUP
Three-card scam MONTE
Tightfitting denim attire that Tobias wears at all times on 'Arrested Development' JORTS
Took steps ACTED
Trades without cash BARTERS
Transaction add-on FEE
Tuna salad vendors DELIS
Unaccompanied sort LONER
Untrustworthy source LIAR
Variety TYPE
Vulcan salute, e.g GESTURE
What pirates inhale SEAAIR
What some settle for LESS
Winter weather wear COATS
Word game involving agents, a spymaster and an assassin CODENAMES
___ buddies (besties) BOSOM
___ de toilette EAU
___ decay (radioactive process) BETA
___ Heights GOLAN
___ in a blue moon ONCE
___ missile (Gulf War weapon) SCUD
___ se (by itself) PER
___ Tar Pits (California attraction) LABREA
___ the room (senses the general mood) READS