Universal - Feb 5 2021

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Clues Answers
"Don't worry about that" ITSOK
"Dunno" NOCLUE
"I ___ an idea!" HAVE
"Silent" president's nickname CAL
"Skedaddle!" SCAT
"Supposedly ..." IPRESUME
"___ be a pleasure" ITD
*Greek morsel with a meaty texture (see letters 9 to 7 in this answer) KALAMATAOLIVE
*Longtime cover artist for The Saturday Evening Post (9 to 6) NORMANROCKWELL
*Tour for a speaker (10 to 7) LECTURECIRCUIT
Alternative to "com" or "org" NET
Atlanta-based health org CDC
Attention-getting sound AHEM
Balm ingredient ALOE
Breathed hard PANTED
Card game with a Spanish name UNO
Certain retired professor's title EMERITA
Clumsy person OAF
Coffee, slangily JAVA
Dark time, informally NITE
Degraded ABASED
Enjoy an easy chair SIT
Farmer's storage facility, and a hint to the starred answers' backward hidden words GRAINELEVATOR
Footnote abbr ETAL
Footnote abbr OPCIT
Founder of Taoism LAOTSE
Gives a new title RENAMES
Grocery store passage AISLE
Hurricane relief org FEMA
Impressive spread? CAVIAR
Insulting comment SLUR
Isaac, to Abraham SON
Jazz great Jones ETTA
Leopard print source? PAW
Letters on a Navy vessel USS
Lifelong pal, briefly BFF
Like an inevitable conclusion FOREGONE
Clues Answers
Looping in on an email CCING
Mice and the like RODENTS
Move like lava FLOW
Narrow fissure CREVICE
Noble below a viscount BARON
One may be juiced for salsa LIME
Pen point NIB
Personification AVATAR
Pics that may be matching TATS
Player of a high woodwind OBOIST
Poem of praise ODE
Rainbow shapes ARCS
Ring or group at a wedding BAND
Roadie's armful AMP
Secret meeting TRYST
Select, with "for" OPT
Sleeveless garment VEST
Slightly open AJAR
Sloppy farm area STY
Social misfit DWEEB
Some Mustangs GTS
Stick in the water? OAR
Sugar amt TSP
Sushi fish EEL
Thieves' place DEN
Third baseman Longoria EVAN
Tire pattern TREAD
Turns away AVERTS
Ultimate object ENDALL
Vegetarian's no-no MEAT
Watson of "Little Women" EMMA
Wedding UNION
What a new homeowner may rip up CARPET
Where rusty nails may get you hammered BAR
Whole lot TON
You may feed them bread crumbs DUCKS
___ disease (gluten issue) CELIAC
___ peeve (endless barking, perhaps) PET