- Feb 5 2021

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Clues Answers
#1 bud BESTIE
''David Copperfield'' clerk URIAH
''Little Miss Sunshine'' Oscar actor ALANARKIN
''Site Y,'' then ''The Atomic City'' LOSALAMOS
Administrative branch ARM
Air of mystery AURA
Amphitheater, for instance ARENA
Annual Pamplona runners TOROS
Arrival announcement HEREWEARE
Bard's royal nickname HAL
Bearings MIENS
Belligerent Olympian ARES
Comics cry of dismay ACK
Cover name on ''The Fountainhead'' AYN
Cut like gems FACETED
Doorway supports JAMBS
Ellington contemporary BASIE
Encouraging contraction CMON
Ending for quack or mock ERY
False story LIE
Feign feelings EMOTE
First Mark Twain Prize recipient PRYOR
Footnote notation ETAL
Ford, but not Reagan AUTOMAKER
French fashion letters YSL
Gearshift sequence PRNDL
Genesis 11 city BABEL
Gloss [#6 of 7] SHEEN
Go along [#7 of 7] AGREE
Good thinking SENSE
Group of interns, etc AMA
Group of interns, etc MDS
Hayride seat BALE
Hearty appetite YEN
Heritage ROOTS
Highly concentrated DENSE
Holds to be [#3 of 7] DEEMS
Honor with a banquet FETE
How some mouthwashes are made MINTY
Clues Answers
Just like ALA
Long-legged wader EGRET
Low-frequency loudspeaker WOOFER
Meant to be FATED
Messages-and-answers sequence EMAILTHREAD
Mideast client of Boeing ELAL
Minuscule [#4 of 7] EENSY
Moving average graph, e.g TRENDLINE
Natural flooring material OAK
Naval guardhouse BRIG
Not prepaid COD
Onetime Otis trademark ESCALATOR
Outdoor bowling game BOCCEBALL
Packet of leaves TEABAG
Polar bear hangout FLOE
Popeye's girlfriend OYL
Portrayal ROLE
Predicated BASED
Pumpkin __ (fall beverage) ALE
Religious doctrine DOGMA
Salt formula NACL
Seething MAD
South African golf pro ELS
Spray banned in '72 DDT
Swimmer with a sting RAY
Three-Pulitzer playwright [#1 of 7] ALBEE
Toss in ADD
Unconventional ODD
Uncool one [#2 of 7] DWEEB
Uncool [#5 of 7] GEEKY
Unsympathetic HARDHEARTED
Very recently harvested FARMFRESH
Very, very loudly FFF
Vote to adopt SAYAYE
Votes to adopt OKAYS
Watson in two 2000s Sherlock films JUDELAW
Where a certain cash card fits ATM
With expertise ABLY
YMCA class ESL