Universal - Feb 4 2021

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Clues Answers
"Argo" actor Arkin ALAN
"Help!" signal SOS
"Hold ___ your dreams" ONTO
"No ifs, ___ or buts!" ANDS
Acted like APED
Airtight tower SILO
Antelope with a mane GNU
Baptism, for one RITE
Bounding gait LOPE
British fellows CHAPS
Burn slightly CHAR
Canary's sounds, collectively SONG
Cassette recording TAPE
Certain art class models NUDES
Chooses OPTS
Correct the bad habits of REFORM
Cricket player's jewelry? BOWLINGPIN
Cries crocodile tears on stage, perhaps EMOTES
Digital data transmitter MODEM
Egyptian or Emirati ARAB
Enjoys taffy CHEWS
ETs' vehicles UFOS
Examines by touching FEELS
Fall bloomers, for short MUMS
Fermented malt drink ALE
Filmdom's DuVernay AVA
Flat-bottomed boat SCOW
French city where seven popes lived AVIGNON
Full of energy ALIVE
Give a makeover REDO
Give off EMIT
Harden (to) INURE
Headfirst plunge DIVE
Hit's counterpart MISS
Home with your honey? HIVE
Homer's "Odyssey," e.g EPIC
Islamic ruler EMIR
Jelly that may contain pieces of meat ASPIC
Lab eggs OVA
Clues Answers
Large gulp SWIG
Lavish affection (on) DOTE
Levels of authority ECHELONS
Long-eared sprinter HARE
Make a mistake ERR
Many moons EONS
Meteorologist's jewelry? STORMWATCH
Military leader's jewelry? CHAINOFCOMMAND
Moved up ROSE
Nothingness VOID
Number symbolized by its third letter FIVE
One may climb a wall VINE
Overly trusting NAIVE
Pairs like The Judds DUOS
Part of an Insta story PIC
Piece of a soccer goal CROSSBAR
Pilot products PENS
Place of refuge HAVEN
Put a value on ASSESS
Rice-A-___ RONI
Rotisserie rod SPIT
Rough shed LEANTO
Russia's ___ Mountains URAL
Show of temper RAGE
Some Little League players BOYS
Speak without distinction? SLUR
Spinach and others GREENS
Stop nursing gradually WEAN
Tel ___ AVIV
Tennessee city known for blues MEMPHIS
The one specified THAT
Time at a resort STAY
Unfold, as a theory EVOLVE
Unrefined finds in mines ORES
Waiter's jewelry? RINGFORSERVICE
Went smoothly? SLID
Without interruption ONEND
Word before "pepper" or "powder" CHILI
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO