The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,360 - Feb 4 2021

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Clues Answers
Apparently true conservative Republican can be taken in CREDIBLE
Brie melted in air? That's serious SOBERING
Bring down average speed MODERATE
Called out plot to capture animal shelter BARKED
Charges about having lost good rifle SEARCH
City replaces masthead in general correspondence COMPARISON
Deplore being endlessly cruel REGRET
Drama not composed willy-nilly ATRANDOM
Encourage cook, perhaps, to provide snack EGGONTOAST
English not crazy for flashy displays NEONLIGHTS
Extremely ticklish open garments made of leather? THONGS
Food for new recruits INTAKE
Get to chaps minding tot MADDEN
Independent small spacecraft, one based in Sicily? ISLANDER
Clues Answers
It requires perfect vision to get this score on board DOUBLETOPS
Note on black French artist RENOIR
Outside link accommodating short study BEYOND
Outstanding former PM is straight up DUENORTH
Papers returned with date inserted in agreement ADIDEM
Philosopher irritated when declared to be like everyone else HUMANOID
Place trap underground with modern technology INTERNET
Quickly pass on insult DROPDEAD
Record second thoughts about recent requirement for country reps CDPLATES
Second-hand vehicles lacking leads had to be carried SEDANS
Think about returning wine present WONDER
Two flats? That sounds rich LOADED
Whole green bananas can cause a bad reaction ALLERGEN
With constant coverage, novel can't get contract TRUNCATE