Wall Street Journal - Feb 4 2021 - Couple Up

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Clues Answers
“I ___ over it!” AMSO
“No ___ of Egypt creep close at thy heels”: Oscar Wilde ASPS
“Sadly...” IFEAR
“___ being honest...” IFIM
“___ sow, so shall...” ASYE
App in 2020 headlines TIKTOK
Baby shower gifts ONESIES
Call on USE
Carry-on containers BINS
Causing the most goose bumps EERIEST
Charlie Bucket’s creator DAHL
Cleaned out with a pipe cleaner REAMED
College app necessities RECS
Comfort food entree MEATLOAF
Crestor, e.g STATIN
Darts ZIPS
Diner’s request DOGGIEBAG
Disreputable paper RAG
Draw out EDUCE
Drink noisily SLURP
Early p.m. times AFTS
Election losers OUTS
Encyclopedia features, and four clue pairs in this puzzle CROSSREFERENCES
Erupt, as fighting FLAREUP
Eternally EVER
Exemplar of might and mane? LION
Extreme course corrections UTURNS
Fabergé artwork EGG
Gibson of “Transformers” TYRESE
He beat Schmeling in 1933 BAER
Home run, in sports slang TATER
Indistinct recollection BLUR
It may be shot in the open PAR
Its logo is a big blue dot USATODAY
Kangaroo-imitating device POGOSTICK
Kit components TOOLS
LeBron said he was “definitely the best player in the NBA” KOBE
Maine attractions? LOBSTERS
Clues Answers
Make sense ADDUP
Marshland FEN
Minneapolis pros, familiarly VIKES
Moscow native IDAHOAN
Nice notion IDEE
Parks in 1955 headlines ROSA
Part of a Clue accusation ROOM
Petting in a pet store, say, for short PDA
Pinnacle ACME
Places SITES
Put out ISSUED
Rush alternative PASS
Seize GRAB
Send home, in a way DEPORT
She beat Monica in the 1996 U.S. Open STEFFI
Singer awarded the National Medal of Arts in 1999 ODETTA
Singer DiFranco ANI
Singing slave AIDA
Snack that’s knotty but nice? PRETZEL
Some sky lights UFOS
Spell slinger MAGE
Startled sound GASP
Susan of “The Partridge Family” DEY
Tennis star Lacoste RENE
Tests the weight of HEFTS
Tiresome task DRAG
Tokyo, formerly EDO
With 14-Across, Lou Hoover and others FIRST
With 18-Across, corrects SETS
With 4-Down, opening words? LADIES
With 48-Down, it follows Yom Kippur BREAK
With 53-Down, kind of coffee FAIR
With 54-Across, court strategy FAST
With 58-Across, exhibition of the latest wares TRADE
With 8-Down, 6-3, 6-0, 6-2, e.g STRAIGHT
Word to the wise TIP
Words on a Wonderland cake EATME