The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1803

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Clues Answers
Admired woman taking two types of drug HEROINE
Aim of article OBJECT
Bird feline has found hard to eat CHAT
Bird, large one in nut tree PELICAN
Cut short talk GAS
Dark green mineral Newton discovered in rocky pine trees SERPENTINE
Degree thus simple? BASIC
Detest what’s in boa meat, cooked ABOMINATE
Develop a translation of Proust SPROUT
Jack, king gets new ace, five and three finally KNAVE
Not having enough money for a biscuit SHORTBREAD
Not satisfied with intended cost being fluid DISCONTENTED
Clues Answers
Putting up a barrier across river is insane MAD
Quiet orphan girl runs carrying basket PANNIER
Small building society, say, is barely sufficient SLENDER
Soft shade initially put around some troubling electric lamp PASTEL
Something said about old German currency REMARK
Soon Canterbury’s leader must abandon church rule ANON
Stupid person or amusing eccentric? IGNORAMUS
Swell cheese creation, ultimately something Cheddar is famous for ENGORGE
Taurus and Leo overlapping? That’s great fortune, almost certainly BULLION
Twist is feeble after tango TWEAK
Vehicle run for freight CARGO
Wallower in trendy popular music, returning to entertain endlessly HIPPOPOTAMUS