Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Feb 19 2021

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Clues Answers
"Isn't — bit like you and me?" HEA
"Jurassic Park" creature DINOSAUR
"Prince Igor" composer BORODIN
"Stay" singer Lisa LOEB
"The One I Love" band REM
"— Lang Syne" AULD
ACLU issues RTS
Baltimore paper SUN
Band's booking GIG
Big rig SEMI
Blockhead MORON
Boston team, for short CELTS
Boy king TUT
Bullets AMMO
Caspian Sea feeder URAL
Comic Jay LENO
Dad on "Black-ish" DRE
Decorate TRIM
Discoverer's call OHO
Doctrine TENET
Dundee denial NAE
Employ USE
Endured LASTED
Flightless bird EMU
Free of bumps SMOOTH
French seat BANC
Furniture brand IKEA
Gloomy guy GUS
Harry Potter pal RON
Hit the roof BEMAD
Hotel chain OMNI
I love (Lat.) AMO
Island of Hawaii KAUAI
Clues Answers
Karate level BELT
Lucy of "Kill Bill" LIU
Male cat TOM
Maui meal LUAU
Mentor GURU
Morays EELS
Nebraska city OMAHA
On the Baltic, say ASEA
Ozone, for one GAS
Pac. counterpart ATL
Party dances CONGAS
Postal delivery MAIL
Power co. supply ELEC
Puts into law ENACTS
RandB singer Des'— REE
Reacted to a light show OOHED
Refer to CITE
Run in the wash BLEED
Sound of a ringing bell DINGDING
Squid squirt INK
Substituted (for) STOODIN
Threaded fastener TNUT
Totals ADDS
Trawler gear NETS
UFO fliers ETS
Ump's call BALL
Video-streaming brand ROKU
Vienna's river DANUBE
White House nickname IKE
Witch HAG
Year in Madrid ANO
— clock CUCKOO