Thomas Joseph - King Feature Syndicate - Feb 16 2021

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Clues Answers
"Death in Venice" author MANN
"Exodus" hero ARI
"Roses — red" ARE
"Summer Stock" studio MGM
"That was close!" PHEW
1935 Astaire film TOPHAT
Acropolis setting ATHENS
Attack command SIC
Attempts TRIES
Baseball's Rod CAREW
Beer amounts SWIGS
Binary base TWO
Bishop's headwear MITER
Blood line AORTA
Building wing ELL
Bulls or Bears TEAM
Can. neighbor USA
Car of the '50s EDSEL
China setting ASIA
Dark wood EBONY
Decade parts YEARS
Does a daring deed BELLSTHECAT
Fitting APT
Frees of suds RINSES
Garr of "Tootsie" TERI
Havana's land CUBA
Hold the throne RULE
Clues Answers
Light brown TAWNY
Like Poe tales EERIE
Long rides LIMOS
Lorax creator Dr. — SEUSS
Maze runner RAT
Mine yield ORE
Moody music EMO
Mornings, for short AMS
Order to Spot STAY
Paella base RICE
Piece of land TRACT
Pitching stat ERA
Plopped down SAT
Pungent condiment WASABI
Regarding ASTO
See 20-Across GRAS
Snooze NAP
Sports site ARENA
State positively AVER
Stunned wonder AWE
Super serves ACES
Three or four AFEW
Throat dangler UVULA
Toupee's kin WIG
Wastes time talking CHEWSTHEFAT
With 27-Across, Lent preceder MARDI
Yoga need MAT