The Sun - Two Speed - Feb 3 2021

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Clues Answers
Amazingly great time for goal TARGET
Ancient part in drainage ditch AGED
Antlered animal STAG
Appreciate the other figure! DIGIT
Beast in last agony STAG
Burning pictures outside sanctuary ARDENT
Caught in twisted net fish died ENTANGLED
Children's room NURSERY
Cloth or fabric MATERIAL
Confusedly twisted ENTANGLED
Crib sheets used here? NURSERY
Curve ARC
Diadem TIARA
Distinguished EMINENT
E=mc2 physicist EINSTEIN
Female keeping back beat to contribute DONATE
Finger or toe DIGIT
Food stolen by pet? HOTDOG
Former PM happy with weight GLADSTONE
Frankfurter in bun HOTDOG
Friend Den sent up stuff MATERIAL
Gallows loop NOOSE
Give to charity DONATE
Hopelessness DESPAIR
Hotel INN
Clues Answers
Japanese faith SHINTO
Large flightless bird OSTRICH
Leaves home with family diagram? TREE
Line used in smear campaign ARC
Mild dislike DISTASTE
Misery incorrectly praised DESPAIR
Mythical giant TITAN
Objective TARGET
Popular name for pub INN
Predecessor ANCESTOR
Religion thus containing suggestion SHINTO
Renowned inn: meet to get sloshed EMINENT
Rigged test said to create aversion DISTASTE
Rope one so knotted NOOSE
Seen in Dalmatia rather small headdress TIARA
So Cretan could be forefather? ANCESTOR
Sot upset tasty African creature OSTRICH
Style in Steinbeck shows genius EINSTEIN
Swindle keeping some in deep depression CANYON
Sycamore, e.g TREE
Use teaspoon STIR
Very old AGED
Very passionate ARDENT
Victorian statesman GLADSTONE
VIP I caught leaving doomed ship TITAN
Wake up in dreams tired STIR