Wall Street Journal - Feb 1 2021 - Commercial Interruptions

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Clues Answers
“Be ___ Guest” (“Beauty and the Beast” song) OUR
“Cuchi-cuchi” entertainer CHARO
“King of Latin Music” Puente TITO
“Outlander” star Heughan SAM
“The Lion King” hero SIMBA
“Watchmen” Emmy winner King REGINA
Add to the payroll HIRE
Affected earnestness SMARM
Appear SEEM
Arcade game giant ATARI
Back end REAR
Big family CLAN
Bills quarterback Josh ALLEN
Bookie bookers VICECOPS
Broadway’s Bernadette PETERS
Cacophony DIN
Cal. column heading TUE
Carthage rival ROME
China collection TEASET
Commercials, and a hint to the circled letters STATIONBREAKS
Concerning ASTO
Crowd scene actor EXTRA
Curving path ARC
Dallas basketballer, for short MAV
Deg. for a bridge expert? DDS
Desire and Bourbon in New Orleans, e.g.: Abbr STS
Early astronaut Ham, for one CHIMP
Film ___ (moody movies) NOIRS
Football’s “Broadway Joe” NAMATH
Frequently, in poetry OFT
Gadot of “Wonder Woman 1984” GAL
Goes bad SPOILS
Hail Mary, for one PASS
Hiding one’s identity INCOGNITO
Huff and puff PANT
In short supply SCARCE
Indulgent buys LUXURIES
Initialism indicating urgency ASAP
Clues Answers
Inventor Whitney ELI
It ran from 2009 to 2017 OBAMAERA
Italian cheese ASIAGO
Keanu’s role in “The Matrix” NEO
Least adorned BAREST
Marvin Gaye’s “Can ___ a Witness” IGET
Meaty dish STEW
Persian governor SATRAP
Person helping with the dishes RINSER
Plains people OMAHAS
Polar cover ICECAP
Pool place, perhaps HEALTHSPA
Quarter of a quart CUP
Reduce speed SLOW
Related AKIN
Rent-___ (Budget business) ACAR
Reproductive cell GAMETE
Rotisserie rod SPIT
Screw up ERR
Script unit LINE
Singer Warwick DIONNE
Sit atop RESTON
Site of much advertising INTERNET
Small beach burrower SANDFLEA
Snapshot PIC
Steinway product PIANO
String quartet member CELLO
Take to the sky AVIATE
Take to the slopes SKI
They wear little clothing KENDOLLS
Topper HAT
Toppers LIDS
Trig function SINE
Tuscan town with a famed tower PISA
White on TV VANNA
WSW or NNE, e.g DIR
___ Wars (conflicts between 20-Across and Carthage) PUNIC