The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 640 - Jan 25 2021

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Clues Answers
Assumed spies engaged in airlift at sea ARTIFICIAL
Beginning to shiver, tourist, one taking kit off? STRIPPER
Bends over student in lounge SPRAWL
British revolt about prohibition in Australian city BRISBANE
Call for the Parisian's pointer NEEDLE
Charge the German for trough on farm FEEDER
Charged, as it happens LIVE
Commandeer hotel, one overlooking London? HIJACK
Coppers welcoming an act of contrition PENANCE
Garrison leader in Highlands, quite outspoken FORTHRIGHT
Go crazy having retired STAB
Helpful hint about extremely unusual flower TULIP
Improvised, most of excuse involving daughter ADLIB
Knowing male leaving parade ARCH
Clues Answers
Mass of small stones in burial place overlooking lake GRAVEL
More ruined in centre of Montreal quake TREMOR
New recruit having drink outside good tavern BEGINNER
One could make impression with flourishing green trade MARKETGARDENER
Party training gets information DOPE
Plant in hospital puzzled Cynthia HYACINTH
Recollected nine free gifts, including bishop's perks FRINGEBENEFITS
Sandwich a siren prepared SARNIE
Sickly-looking small child's coat PALETOT
Stage favourites raised STEP
Stall, bearing right in London thoroughfare STRAND
Sword-carrier, showing evidence of injury, bolted, reportedly SCABBARD
Tease head of expedition in storm RAGE
To protect pawn, hold back PRESERVE