L.A. Times Daily - Jan 31 2021

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Clues Answers
"Absolutely!" AMEN
"At Seventeen" singer Janis __ IAN
"Dies __": hymn IRAE
"Dilbert" intern ASOK
"Don't worry about me" IMOK
"Downton Abbey" title EARL
"Hard Road to Glory" author ASHE
"If I __ to do it again ... " HAD
"My treat" ONME
"Piano is not my forte," e.g PUN
"Sure" YEP
"The Addams Family" cousin ITT
"Today" co-host Kotb HODA
"Tosca" tune ARIA
"We have met the enemy and he is us" toon POGO
"__ bien!" TRES
"__ seen worse" IVE
2020, por ejemplo ANO
Actor Morales ESAI
Algerian quarter CASBAH
Antipollution org EPA
Apollo's home HARLEM
Appearance MIEN
Apple variety IMAC
Aroma ODOR
Astrological ram ARIES
Astronomy Muse URANIA
Australia's __ Rock AYERS
Authorize EMPOWER
Back talk SASS
Beat, e.g ROUTE
Big name in cosmetics OLAY
Biloxi-to-Mobile dir ENE
Biol. and chem SCIS
Birthplace of Solidarity GDANSK
Biscotti flavoring ANISE
Brain and spinal cord: Abbr CNS
Brian of ambient music ENO
Cartesian concept IDEE
Chop finely MINCE
City WSW of Bogotá CALI
Coatrack parts PEGS
Condo, e.g UNIT
Consumed greedily GORGED
Contrived HOKEY
Cool drinks ADES
Covent Garden architect Jones INIGO
Dash lengths EMS
Dean's email address ending EDU
Dinghy drivers OARS
Early ball game score ONEONE
Early hr FOURAM
Edwards, in Calif AFB
Env. contents LTR
European auto OPEL
Feverish, maybe ILL
First name in mystery EDGAR
Fisherman with pots EELER
Fla. NBA team ORL
Floor coverings RUGS
For the __ ASKING
Former French coin SOU
Fragrant root used in perfumes ORRIS
Genetic "messenger" initials RNA
Go back over RECAP
Halloween charity UNICEF
Herring prized for its roe SHAD
His given name was spelled with horseshoes in the show's intro MRED
In pieces APART
Italy's equivalent of the BBC RAI
Clues Answers
Judge DEEM
LAX listings ETAS
Live wire's opposite WIMP
Look up to ADMIRE
Louisiana's county counterpart PARISH
Magazine VIPs EDS
Make the first bid OPEN
Managed care gps HMOS
Many a Degas PASTEL
Marienbad, for one SPA
Masterful ADROIT
Mediterranean sailing vessel FELUCCA
Mideast gulf port ADEN
Milk source TEAT
Mischievous IMPISH
MIT Chapel designer Saarinen EERO
Moon of Saturn TETHYS
Muralist José María __ SERT
Muslim leader IMAM
Mythical trickster LOKI
Nintendo debut of 2006 WII
Omelet ingredients for some diets WHITES
On a tight schedule BUSY
One of three seen in Wood's "American Gothic" TINE
One often talked down to? PET
One-eighty UIE
Open, as a bottle UNCAP
Org. funded by FICA SSA
Part of HMS HER
Passel SLEW
Pig out BINGE
Point a finger at BLAME
Polite address SIR
Power source MOTOR
Prefix with byte TERA
Principal, for one HEAD
Printer function SCAN
Reggie Miller, for his entire NBA career PACER
Reindeer in "Frozen" SVEN
Request help from TURNTO
Ride, but not in a nice way TAUNT
Salmon serving FILLET
Sawbones MEDICO
Scolds, with "out" CHEWS
Scornful smiles SNEERS
See 60-Down THEN
Ship's-keel constellation CARINA
Single chip, perhaps ANTE
Sites for vows ALTARS
Slow party, say DRAG
Spitting sound PTUI
Sprightly AIRY
Squealed FINKED
The America's Cup trophy, e.g EWER
The bombastic archer __ SHOTHISBIGMOUTHOFF
The daredevil baseball pitcher __ THREWCAUTIONTOTHEWIND
The Destroyer, in Hinduism SHIVA
The foolhardy hockey player __ SKATEDONTHINICE
The frugal lacrosse goalie __ SAVEDITFORLATER
The lucky football receiver __ CAUGHTAFALLINGSTAR
The politically ambitious sprinter __ RANFORPRESIDENT
The troublesome soccer player __ KICKEDUPARUCKUS
Unassuming MEEK
Unhip type NERD
Vintner's prefix OENO
What history repeats? ITSELF
Whopper topper TOMATO
With "and" and 67-Down, occasionally NOW
__ canto BEL