Universal - Jan 31 2021

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Clues Answers
"Boring!" SNORE
"C'mon, please?" CANTI
"Entertaining Mr. Sloane" playwright ORTON
"Hold on ___!" ASEC
"The Addams Family" fortune-teller GRANDMAMA
"The Simpsons" bus driver OTTO
*Baseball bat goop PINETAR
*Earnings you keep ... or, read differently, what happens in the starred answers? NETPROCEEDS
*Game with many bad calls? PHONETAG
*Make small changes to FINETUNE
*Masked crimefighter of comics, with "The" GREENHORNET
55-Across and others LANGUAGES
Actress Tyler of "Archer" AISHA
Annual celebration, briefly BDAY
Author ___ Marie Cox ANA
Band with the multiplatinum album "Aja" STEELYDAN
Bed-Ins for Peace singer ONO
Biblical beast ASS
Bronte heroine EYRE
Bundle of wheat SHEAF
Came together MET
Cartoon chihuahua REN
Checkup figure NURSE
Chopper FANG
Christmas tree FIR
Cookie Monster's friend ELMO
Corn cake PONE
Diva's audition piece ARIA
Dutch ovens, e.g POTS
End of a quiz? ZEE
Equipment GEAR
Expert pilot ACE
Farm enclosures PENS
French cathedral city REIMS
Fury IRE
Given up one's amateur status GONEPRO
Good name for a college administrator? DEAN
Guatemala gold ORO
Clues Answers
Inner coat parts LININGS
It has a flat top MESA
Largest city in Catalonia BARCELONA
Latin dance TANGO
Lead-in to "Didn't see you there!" OHHI
Like 28-Down: Abbr MASC
Like most Nepalis HINDU
List curtailer ETAL
Long ___ AGO
Long-necked birds GEESE
Low-quality paper RAG
Mall feature MAP
Melber of MSNBC ARI
Nail polish brand ESSIE
Nor. neighbor SWE
Ophthalmologist's concern STYE
Painter Joan born in 2-Down MIRO
Plank targets ABS
Shining AGLOW
Soon, to Shakespeare ANON
Soothing brew HERBTEA
Source of the word "khaki" URDU
Start of a clarification IMEAN
Striped or spotted carnivore HYENA
Take wing FLYAWAY
They brood HENS
Thor's father ODIN
Tuna used in poke AHI
Unfaithful sort RAT
Vessel with a spout EWER
Visibility reducer HAZE
Was transported on RODE
Went up and down, in a way ARCED
West of Hollywood? MAE
Yin's counterpart YANG
___ eye EAGLE
___ Florentine EGGS
___ row FRAT